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How to maintain accountability on scheduling without micromanaging?

See title. Description below. I am the project leader for a research effort with a small team (< 10 people), with a multi-year schedule. One of the things I do when communicating with my team, ...
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Do I have copyright for uncharged work when being on contract

I am a contractor working for a client in EU. In order to cover the requirements of the application we are building I wrote a small implementation of a framework. At least for half of the work on this ...
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How to keep my morale high? My colleague is redoing my work and i feel belittled? [closed]

I work for a startup, and I handle from interviews to Production ops/ delivery. Many times I anticipate the future and I was ready with the work even before it arrives. This is how i used to deliver. ...
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What to do when your successful project is taken away by another team?

I have been driving an international strategic initiative for more than 2 years. There was a lot of resistance initially, but I managed to align a few teams, create an MVP and a customer base. A team ...
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