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Questions related to pair programming, a software development technique in which two developers work together at one computer workstation and simultaneously write and review code to speed up the development process.

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Pairing Interview With SQL? [closed]

I have an interview later this afternoon in a format I've never done before: In this session, you'll work with an engineer on using data to improve the product. The objective will be to model some ...
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Management is pushing 'pairing' on non-programming related tasks. Is this a correct use of pairing? [closed]

I recently became the lead on a new team. My previous team was more pure software development. We pair-programmed ~80% of the time utilizing TDD. My new team is in charge of supporting, maintaining, ...
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Bringing up a slow colleague in a nice way

I am a mid-level developer and leading a project at my company. I am very strongly encouraged to pair with another dev who is relatively new (half a year now). He is a good guy, but working with him ...
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How should I react when a co-worker says his 3000 line method is optimized? Should I report it to my boss?

I have a co-worker who said his 3000 line method is the most optimized possible. How do I react professionally to that? Should I communicate this to the boss, who does not know anything about ...
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How to become more receptive to ideas as member of a mob programming team without going against my values

At the company I work for we have just started mob programming, where the team of three that I am a part of all write the code for our project together at one keyboard, and we only proceed if we all ...
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How should one be encouraged to ask to work in pair on a task which appears complex enough?

I'm working with a team of five developers working on a software product. The tasks range from very basic to rather complex. There is no rule making it mandatory to use pair programming. The current ...
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How many hours should we programming at the work? [closed]

For years this is a question for me, because I work like freelancing and coding at home. I do it like this: 1 to 1.5 hours coding, 1 or 2 hours free time. then repeat like that. Maybe I repeat this ...
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Pair programming: A year with the same pair

About a year ago, my team leader decided that she would start delegating tasks for me and a colleague to tackle as a pair. It started out just fine, it was our first pairing job, and we were trying to ...
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