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Senior colleague does not delegate and gets passive aggressive/resentful when I don't pick up the task myself, how do I deal with this?

The senior colleague asked if one of us juniors could substitute for them in a task. On this date, nobody was available, so nobody came forward with this question. One day later, this senior colleague ...
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I think a coworker "doesn't listen" but that's difficult to quantify. How do I move this forward productively?

I've been working at my current company for several years now and there's always been an impedance mismatch between me and my technical lead. Some of our communication problems include: Their ...
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How to deal with an inflexible and difficult project lead

Alright, I work as a Data Scientist and here goes my situation. About a month and half ago, I was 'pulled into' an ongoing project led by a Mechanical Engineer also a Subject Matter Expert (SME) in ...
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Should I tell my manager about a passive-aggressive employee?

I recently started a new job. I was interviewed by the manager and three people that would be my peers. Everyone knew that I wasn't familiar with a specific piece of technology, but they decided to ...
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Manager is constantly making negative remarks (often in front of others)

I recently started a new job at a startup (1 month). When I had my first interview with my manager, things went extremely well. However, now that I’m on the job I am extremely unhappy. My boss is ...
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How to respond to a passive aggressive implication of gender bias

I work as a research assistant for a woman who has a Ph.D., when we first met for my interview she introduced herself as (First Name) and since then I have always referred to her as (First Name) in ...
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Interview, gauge possible abusive/aggressive personality?

I currently work with a boss who is very verbally abusive, aggressive, creates drama and scandals every day, shouts at employees, diminishes the complexity or time it takes to do a certain task (I ...
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How do I change my mindset/morality to be more aggressive towards earning money?

For some reason, I cannot ask for more. When applying for a job, I only ask a slight increase compared to my previous job. When I am selling something, I only charge a little bit more than what I ...
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How do I recover reputation after passive aggressively challenging a management decision?

Situation: When I highlighted this some months ago that my company was not compliant with GDPR, the decision was made by management to consider it late June/Early July. I believed this to be a big ...
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Inexperienced manager is making our work life miserable [closed]

At work, we have a manager with no prior managerial experience, at least none in the tech world which any of us would consider reasonable. He doesn't even have a manager title, but we're assigned to ...
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How can I best prepare for a meeting with HR about a coworkers Passive-Agressive Conflict with me?

I work with a male coworker who I'd describe as a passive-aggressive bully. He has angry outbursts daily, several times a day, over every little noise in the office. If another coworker coughs, or ...
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Passive aggressive uncooperativeness

I am an agile delivery manager, and quite good at what I do. Recently switched roles, and now working in a larger organisation. Upon joining my new company I have made an instant impact and slowly ...
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