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Is it "fair" to request employees to use their private whatsapp/telegram/signal/etc account for work related stuff? [closed]

I'm working at a company that sends work related messages through WhatsApp, like meeting cancelations, status updates, etc. My number, signed into WhatsApp, is my personal number, paid directly by me. ...
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Are personal phones and laptops treated differently at workplace? [closed]

In most workplaces in America, are personal phones and laptops treated the same, when it comes to the issue of whether it is allowed to connect to workplace wifi using employee credentials? ...
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How to suggest recording meetings that include training?

I recently started a new job. Most people work remotely. Often times we have a meeting with screen sharing where the presenter demonstrates how to do something. Mostly this is because I am being ...
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Should employer return schedule books after termination? [closed]

A mental health therapist was terminated after becoming disabled. When her personal property was returned, it included all schedule books (day planners) that she had used at the job except those for ...
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Forced to use private phone for company "Emergency Alert Notification System"

I would like to either opt-out of a company "Emergency Alert Notification System", or at least use my work phone to receive the notifications from it, but have been told that isn't an option ...
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How can you set limits on how you want to be called on the telephone?

I work in a technology department at a bank which requires us to be available after hours if anything comes up that could affect the business systems and affect our customers. Of course, there is ...
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Boss is telling me to download software but they didn't provide me a work computer so I'm using my own. Can I refuse?

I got this full time job 2 months ago. It's work from home for now cause of the novel coronavirus. I am a full time employee and not a contractor. I'm from the Philippines. They didn't provide me a ...
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Started as a contractor at my current company with a laptop they purchased on their credit card, is it mine?

The current company I work for full-time, started off with me working as a contractor for them being paid hourly. About two years into working with them, the director of IT purchased a laptop for me ...
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As a contractor, is it normal to supply your own computer and install the client's (proprietary) software on it?

I had a short term contract. Given how short it was, I initially thought there wouldn't be much of a learning curve or on boarding process. I was wrong. Through out the duration of the contract it ...
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Boss often wants me to screen share (and record) from my personal computer

To make a long story short, I work from home using my personal computer. I was supposed to be supplied with one from the company but it keeps getting delayed (apparently it's coming from HQ which is ...
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Quick release on my bike was opened without me knowing [closed]

Last Friday (2/7/19) I just finished my 8 hour shift and happily pulled my bike from the break room. As I am biking home I notice that my front wheel isn't aligned properly with the forks and my front ...
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I was promised a work PC, but I am still awaiting approval 3 months later so am using my own laptop - is it fair to ask employer for laptop insurance?

I develop websites and run the online magazine for my company (just got hired three months ago), so I run not only development software and tech applications, but also Adobe software and other design ...
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Should I be able to keep my company purchased standing desk when I leave my job?

I may be leaving my company soon to start a new position, and one thing I've wondered about is whether or not I will be able to keep my standing desk. The reason for my question is that it was ...
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Agreement between employee and employer for use of personal equipment

I'm going to start a position where I have voluntarily offered to use my personal equipment to perform my duties for the company with the understanding that if any damage would occur to my equipment ...
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How far should I investigate petty office theft?

I have a coffee mug on my desk. Every time I finish a can of soda, I pop off the top and throw it in the mug. It's a quirky way to represent how long I've been at this job. I noticed someone stole it ...
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Being asked to install corporate software on personal phone

I am a software engineer. My company is switching their VPN setup to a new provider that uses a two-factor authentication system. Part of this new setup involves a mobile app -- I have been asked by ...
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How much should I offer to pay my rideshare?

I read this question: How to tell a colleague that I want to stop sharing the ride? And I thought, maybe I don't pay my rideshare enough... Not the premise of that question, but it raised this ...
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I'm being "forced" to put a company magnet on my personal car

I'm not sure how to handle this situation without being fired, even though I think that would be an extreme measure. A little background: I work for a company that frequently requires employees to go ...
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Car insurance for a personal car used in a corporation

I work for an international corporation having separate companies in Europe and in USA. I am personally based in Europe. I was notified about a recent incident in USA that included an employee having ...
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Manager wanted us to use personal devices

I encountered a situation in the past which was very uncomfortable for me and I am not sure how to handle this/act if I get into something similar in the future. For my work it was necessary to ...
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Keep getting called on my personal phone

Being the IT/DBA/Networks/Programmer of our company, I'm used to have the office phone ringing every 5 min if not more. I can manage it, although a bit frustrating when I'm trying to program or go ...
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Can my employer force me to fix employees' personal computers?

I run an IT department at a mid-size retailer with 1000 employees. Throughout my career, there have been a many instances where people have brought in their personal equipment from home (phones, PCs, ...
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