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Pregnancy complications and performance drop

A coworker announced his wife was pregnant a couple of months ago. We work remotely for a small tech startup in Spain. He is a great employee and I think the manager knows it: he is devoted and ...
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Breach of confidentiality [closed]

If I’ve told my manager that my partner is pregnant and they tell other members of staff that she’s pregnant is it a breach of confidentiality or not
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Boss locked me out of my email as a punishment for being absent for a few hours this week

I work at a startup and up until now I had a good relationship with my manager. He’s 15 years younger than me and he owns the company. He sees himself as a very ruthless manager and he prides himself ...
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Negotiating a permanent contract while newly pregnant

I'm currently one year into working an 18-month maternity cover. I love my job and I want to stay working there in the long term. I've had excellent performance reviews and positive feedback over the ...
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Just started a new job, but it's not meeting my expectations, also just found out I am pregnant

Two weeks ago I started as a Front-End Developer in a new company. On the interview we discussed my experience in Javascript and VueJS. React and C# was also on the table, but I said have zero ...
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My trainee shows symptoms. How to tactfully send her home at the time of the corona epidemic?

The corona-epidemic has reached the city where I work. The number of cases confirmed by the authorities has been increasing day by day. My wife is pregnant. She is in the seventh month with our baby. ...
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7th month pregnant partner gets overworked by her firm, exceeding 70h/week work. What can a future father do?

My pregnant partner has is currently in her 7th month of pregnancy and due in 10 weeks in the US. In short, she got much more work responsibilities in the last few weeks at her company, exceeding 70h/...
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Contract ending shortly before maternal leave

I am an employee of a private company (I work in DC. The company is based / headquartered elsewhere.) on a three-year contract. It expires three weeks after I am expected to start maternity leave / ...
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Being heavily recruited at new company: Should I tell them I’m trying to get pregnant?

I read this question, but it’s about the non-pregnant partner. A company reached out to me and is heavily recruiting me for a position that I know I'm qualified for. We're talking a $50,000 (USD) ...
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Planning for pregnancy and looking for new jobs

I am planing for a job change because it is inevitable (will be looking a job in India). At the same time, we are planning for a baby. Maybe at the time I get a job offer I will be in a early stage of ...
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My boss told people I am pregnant without my permission

I work at a daycare, and because Fifth disease was going around, I had to disclose to my boss that I am very newly pregnant (Fifth disease can be dangerous in the early stages of pregnancy). This ...
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Starting a new job and disclosing pregnancy

My wife is starting a new job in a few weeks; it's a graduate role with a 2 year contract. She became pregnant after the job offer but there was a long delay in the recruitment process before she ...
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How should I approach my boss about working from home while pregnant?

I am nearly 27 weeks pregnant. My last day of work before maternity leave will be September 7th. I told my boss I was pregnant in May. I'm really struggling with dizziness and lack of sleep. I have ...
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