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I feel like I'm being pressured to quit from my boss

I work for a corporation in healthcare and I'm a manager of a practice. Just over a month ago I had a meeting with my boss where she told me some negative feedback she had gotten from my team. I was ...
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Can the impressions created through what you say, be used to safeguard yourself from manipulation at workplace?

I am writing this to get help on identifying some behaviours of people at workplace and develop my skills. I am a bit introverted and recently I came across a work place with a lot of toxic co-workers ...
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How can I handle too many expectations at a job I recently joined?

I joined a new job two weeks ago where I was hired after an interview based on generic JavaScript programming knowledge with my past work experience close to two years. For the initial 12 days, I was ...
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I let management know I'm looking at PhD positions, and now they want to guilt-trip me into quitting

I work as a developer at a relatively large company. I recently started applying for some PhD positions (not related to my company's field), as I feel that might be a better fit for me. My employer ...
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Customer wants me to fix support requests in real time

I work in a support role for one of our products. We have B2B customers and frequently they will contact me with issues. When a request comes in, I let them know I'm troubleshooting and will give them ...
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How to deal with extra work pressure from the manager

Background: Time flexibility in a company is very important to me. In my case, I am a person that has no troubles in waking up earlier, so I made clear in my interview if it was going to be a problem ...
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Responding to Pressure to be more Productive

So I'm having an issue with my supervisor with whom I have been working, as a naval architect, for 6 months now. He expects work to be delivered at a certain pace which I find difficult to do. This is ...
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Boss asking me to do web development but I'm not a developer

I have a dilemma. My boss has been pushing me to do web development even though I am not technically a developer. I feel it's getting close to him firing me if I don't. I believe the reasoning is he ...
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How can I manage load of my projects?

I am working in a software firm where I am given the responsibility of maintaining five software code-bases. My task is to deliver clients' modification requests and fixing bugs. I am feeling extreme ...
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How to finish my report? [closed]

I need some advice since the advice I have so far received from my friend can be considered dangerous. I was finishing up my report and although I was late my supervisor accepted the report. The ...
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How to convince boss to spend notice period on documentation instead of new projects

Recently I've signed with a new employer and am currently serving the notice period at my old employer. There's a rather long notice period where I live, given my parameters (13 weeks, Belgium). ...
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How do I handle an erratic, negative manager?

Background At my workplace, we have a "Matrix Management" system. That means everyone has two people to report to: their Day-to-Day manager who deals with daily technical tasks, and their Section ...
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How to thank an employee for working extra hours without making him feel pressured

I am a manager of a software developer who has been working late nights to complete a project in time for a deadline. He is a salaried employee so he does not get paid overtime. I am very thankful ...
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How do I deal with a slow co-worker whose attitude is affecting my team?

So, I have this colleague (call him Mark). Both of us are software developers with more than a year’s experience (his being two months longer than mine). Since we were hired, he has been working on ...
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Contacted by a recruitment agency regarding a role working for a company that a mate of mine has just left

I am a software developer, and am currently looking for work (preferably looking to move into a Business Analyst role, but willing to consider further roles in software development), as I have ...
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How to communicate to a client I am unavailable

I have very good relations with a lot of clients I work with (Both in project work as well as support and consulting work). Often clients may try to circumvent the support chain and email/call me ...
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Is it okay to switch the company if boss humiliates you? [closed]

I dont know it is a good forum to ask. But i really need your help guys. There are many problems i am facing. First the deadlines of project delivery. Second the constant pressure from the boss. ...
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Sitting next to boss in open office [closed]

Internee here- I'm all up for a more open plan in an office, but I feel a bit under pressure with my boss sitting beside or behind me. And sometimes peering at my screen to look at what I'm doing. It ...
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Pressure and uncomfortability as an intern [closed]

I have been working for 8 months as an software developer intern in a small startup, my first job after graduating from Uni. I would say I had a rough start since I didn't find a good motivation the ...
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How should a teenage girl get ready for a job hunt?

I am considering doing a physical job hunt sometime today (Saturday, 6/11/16), and I am wondering if maybe I need to up my game in terms of my looks? And being as I have no real experience or ...
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How to deal with being pressured into leaving your job?

I have recently (in the last month or so) come under a lot of pressure from my supervisor, supposedly regarding the quality of my work. He said it hadn't been of the required standard ever since I ...
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How to "play" the pressure coming from being the only expert [duplicate]

I recently joined a new company. I am the only expert for a particular technology. They sell products based on this technology, but they have limited understanding of it. I have great potential on the ...
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