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How can I help my peers be comfortable with escalating issues?

I'm currently working on a team made up of individuals with a very diverse set of capabilities (e.g., software developers, generalists, financial analysts). Often my teammates and I are asked to do ...
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Should my partner report that his friend was driving under the influence to their boss? [closed]

My partner has had a new job for just under a year now. The company is small and has about 50 employees. My partner handed over his friend's CV. Friend gets an offer letter for the job. My boyfriend ...
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What do you do if you are not sure how to complete a task that you were not properly trained on?

So in my job, they let go one of my co-workers, and now I have to take over some of her tasks. However, that person they let go only showed me once how to do one of her task that I am assigned to, and ...
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How can I pass an unfinished project to another organization without feeling guilty?

First time posting here, so please bear with me. My team had a project from one of our OEM customers which aged for a few years. Nothing special so far, project kept growing and more and more tasks ...
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mistakes in the supermarket [closed]

I recently started working in a discount store. I was put into the cashier with no experience and no training. In this place, bread, fruit and vegetables are weighed in the box, you have to learn some ...
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