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Questions about the ability to get work done in an efficient manner

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How to make productive use of short breaks between meetings?

I've moved from a more technical role to a Product Owner role a while back, and have been picking up additional responsibilities, including being a PO for a second team, as the time went on in the ...
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3 answers

Productivity system that doesn’t lead to overflow

I have been through periods where I stopped using to do lists because it was actually reasonably manageable to just do stuff when you remembered it. Recently I got back into trying to plan things out ...
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16 votes
8 answers

Should I push my fledgling programming work out of the development nest myself?

I create new programs for internal use within my workplace of over 300 people. I largely work alone and pretty much have carte blanche to create or improve anything. My boss and other superiors have ...
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What must I do to stop being distracted at my work and playing on my phone?

I keep on scrolling on my phone at work and it's an open work so people notice. Luckily, nobody told me off yet and probs never will since I am an intern and will leave soon. However, for my next job, ...
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Is there peer-reviewed, scientific research that compares productivity of employees working from home vs. an office? [closed]

I hear lots of anecdotes and opinions about the relative productivity of working from home vs in an office. But is there any scientific research that compares the productivity of these two working ...
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Accurate way to calculate the impact of X hours of meetings a day on an individual's "deep thinking" time available?

I'm concerned about my team's ability to find and protect their time for deep thinking/working. Much of what they are being asked to produce requires deep thinking, research, and writing time. Things ...
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139 votes
18 answers

How should we handle an over-productive employee?

TL;DR: A hyper-productive, stellar employee doesn't have enough tasks to do and is getting worried that this might mean he is about to be fired. He wants to work more, but we simply don't have enough ...
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12 answers

Employee has made really slow progress

Several months ago, I hired someone to join my team of 5. Even though they had no prior work experience, they showed promising signs during the interview. It's been 10 months, but I feel like their ...
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11 answers

How can I tell my boss that my productivity is low due to a conflict with a coworker, without blaming the coworker?

Four months ago, I started a new job and joined a project with a co-worker who has been employed here for many years. We were both brought on as experts, but he has subdomain expertise that I do not ...
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2 answers

How to suggest recording meetings that include training?

I recently started a new job. Most people work remotely. Often times we have a meeting with screen sharing where the presenter demonstrates how to do something. Mostly this is because I am being ...
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49 votes
10 answers

"team lead" acting as gatekeeper

So I started a new (software development) job a few months back, and they use a "scrum-inspired" means of management. One of the rules is that the team lead for each team must sign off on ...
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7 votes
6 answers

Hired as a developer and working alone so improving is hard

Context: Been in IT for ~25 years, developing web+databases+apps/datascience/helpdesk/sysadmin depending on where I was at - I feel like I am a specialist of nothing, and ~average at a lot of things. ...
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4 votes
2 answers

How to deal with ADHD/EFD

From the young age , I had to study the same passage repeatedly than others and I had to revise what I read more than others and I always had difficulty paying attention in class. But while working I ...
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What is your experience about the productivity drop when the holiday season is coming? [closed]

When the holiday season is coming, for us it is the Chinese New Year next week, what is your experience about the productivity drop during this time frame? Christmas is bad for workers’ productivity ...
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48 votes
13 answers

How to find motivation to keep applying to jobs after being rejected

I have had a lot of trouble getting a permanent job that uses my degree (Computer Science). I find applying for jobs unpleasant and stressful. Sometimes I spend a couple days writing a custom cover ...
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4 votes
3 answers

Does a 7 day workweek hurt productivity?

There are many articles claiming that a shorter workweek (4 days) has no productivity loss vs a 5 day work week or it's a net positive for the company. However, in the sector that I work, it's more ...
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How can I politely ask my PM to stop calling me unexpectedly?

I am a software engineer. Sometimes, the project manager in my team will randomly call me out of nowhere on our communication software, without asking first if it's ok to interrupt me. They usually ...
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5 answers

As a Tech Lead, to what degree should I learn about frontend technologies? [closed]

So the context is that I was recently assigned as Tech Lead for a POD, which holds both frontend and backend capabilities. However in my previous working experience, I think my expertise is 80% ...
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4 answers

Is there an objective reference for productivity? [closed]

Is there an objective reference for productivity? What kind? Are there shortcomings? Something that puzzles me is that often people see it in hours spent, but this clearly does not equate to ...
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14 answers

How should I tell front-end to stop passing bugs to back-end by default?

I'm part of a back-end software development team, currently trying to fix bugs. We're seeing a problem wherein the front-end team will pass bugs to the back-end team by default for root cause analysis ...
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7 votes
4 answers

Data Analyst new role - culture shock at new place

I recently changed from a 4 year consulence as Data Engineer in a big consultancy firm to a Data Analyst Role with Tableau and PowerBi in another consultancy company for a stable contract. In previous ...
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10 answers

How should I tell my boss to stop accusing me of slacking in a backhanded manner?

My boss keeps sending me messages saying things like, "How much time are you spending on [company program]? Please don't let it take too much time.", or "Try not to sign up for too many ...
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54 votes
11 answers

Am I overreacting to a new rule where I have to check-in my status every morning?

Three months ago I started a role at a new company as a software engineer. Within two months, I helped onboard the team to a lot of contemporary best practices. They didn't do proper source control, ...
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What are your biggest productivity vampires as a developer? [closed]

Curious to hear from my fellow developers as to what the biggest drains on your time are that take you away from doing productive work.
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13 answers

I am becoming very unproductive because of working from home

I am becoming very unproductive because of working from home. It always used to be the opposite when I had an office job before the Covid. I used to request home office often so I can work quietly ...
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How much do nap facilities improve worker productivity?

I was reading this economics paper on sleep efficiency, and came across: short afternoon naps at the workplace improved an overall index of outcomes by 0.12 standard deviations Are there any other ...
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How can I set goals in embedded field? [closed]

I have 2.6 years of experience in my current company as an embedded software developer. But still have not any aim or goal in future life. How is money after 40's for people with experience in ...
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7 answers

How can I get my programs to be used where I work?

I mostly work alone as a programmer in a small department, within an organization of about 500 people. I have been creating web-based applications for the internal network, mainly to replace old ...
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How can I better estimate the real scale of a project?

How can I better estimate the real scale of a project? Are there techniques to help reduce the error of estimating the hours required to do a project? ... some manner of formula with numerous terms ...
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How to control my employees productivity?

My employees (front, back, and full-stack programmers) are working remotely since March and I'm noticing their productivity has dropped. We had a deadline in September (currently moved to end of ...
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3 answers

Raising a startup, but workmates are falling behind on their tasks. How to handle this?

My friends and I are currently raising a startup that will launch our first product at the end of Q3 this year. Apart from the freelance marketing team, this startup consists of three developers, ...
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8 answers

How to negotiate with a stubborn coworker?

I work in small team of 8 developers and we do not have direct management because of our small numbers. We are more or less self managed. We make heavy use of version management, IDEs and all sorts of ...
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Looking for tools to maintain productivity and keep myself in check? [duplicate]

I have a job where I work from the office 3/4 weeks and from home for a week. No matter how much I tried to keep myself focused and productive, I found that I just slacked off towards the end of the ...
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11 answers

Am I overloaded or just slow?

I think there are multiple issues needing to be addressed, but the main one I want to resolve is in the question title. Some background context: I'm somewhere between a junior and mid level software ...
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2 answers

Asking for holiday after probation extension

I recently had a probation review and it was extended as my manager hasn't seen anything that can put in the role I m in (senior developer) and lack of communication. Following feedback, I had been ...
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3 votes
6 answers

No task been assigned by manager

Daily we have to fill timesheets and details on the project/task we have worked on upto hour level. Somedays I don't have any task that have been assigned to me. I have asked to my manager to assign ...
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1 vote
2 answers

How to make most of short term job with steep learning curve

I recently started a new job. It's less than 2 months long but there's a chance for extension. I'm really glad I got it because I really needed money and it's in an field I want to get into. I was ...
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2 answers

Is there justification to maintain an alternate work schedule, i.e. 9/80, 4/40 when telecommuting

Our organization, like many others, has been forced into teleworking lately. For the most part it's been successfully implemented, and has been found to be productive. We are discussing ...
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2 answers

How To Navigate Saying "No" To Unnecessary Work In a Leadership Position

I work at a great small startup. I'm the only person in my position which involves the look and feel of our product. I am positioned when we grow to lead a team that will work on these things with me. ...
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8 votes
1 answer

Unproductive, overwhelmed, work from home single parent, children off school during lock-down, steps to turn this around

The context and background Since the pandemic started in the UK, I've been work from home. On top of that I'm a single parent and my teens are off school because the schools have shut. At the start ...
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How to be collaborative & helpful yet concentrated on your goal

I like to help people and people show up to me for help many times. But many times in aggressive timelines on projects I am facing hard time to be both helpful & highly productive. I like to ...
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26 votes
10 answers

Software developer work day productivity: Is there an ideal code editor usage percentage? [closed]

Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, most IT firms have started a work-from-home practice. To track their employees' work, they are using various time tracking software. Our company (which provides services ...
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69 votes
6 answers

What are some strategies to maintain morale and productivity after massive layoffs?

In what was perhaps a textbook example of bad optics, our company announced layoffs recently. To make things worse, the environment was such that many of us were personal friends as well as colleagues....
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3 answers

Would IT employees be more productive if all communications are placed on a separate computer? [closed]

We all know how distracting emails and messengers are and how they create a sort of compulsion to check them every now and then. This is stealing the employees' attention. They not only spend less ...
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Why do I always feel so creative and in the flow while travelling and in airplane?

Sometimes I struggle working optimally, but then sometimes I am traveling during the day, e.g. 2 hours by train, waiting 2 hours at the airport, flying for 3 hours and for some reason I get more work ...
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3 answers

Why do I feel like I'm working very hard yet feel very unproductive? [closed]

I'm a software developer and think myself very fortunate as I really enjoy writing code and learning about it and feel confident in my abilities. When I finish what I wanted to do for the day I feel ...
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5 answers

How to stop a subordinate from yawning?

This is the first time I manage a team. There is a new guy, coming directly from his master's and with no office experience. He is not lazy nor unproductive but he oftens yawns, sometimes noisily. We ...
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Best way to ask for knowledge transfer

I need to ask someone to provide knowledge and insight around autoscaling in AWS. I am unsure of the best way to ask for this help. The goal is to get enough information about this process so that I ...
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Establishing a productivity measurement for an outbound-only Call Center?

I am currently trying to establish how to hold a team of outbound-only reps accountable for production each day. I don't want to set an arbitrary number, but I do find it increasingly difficult to get ...
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How to prepare for fallout of downgraded working conditions that caused loss of eficiency?

Disclaimer: I ask this one anonymously, because I don't want to have issues if some of my collegues will find it. I have some tens of thousands rep on my main account, but I'd rather ask this question ...
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