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Questions referring to how one presents themselves and interacts with others in a professional environment

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How should I make up time when I'm late?

I'm salaried, and my employer's corporate culture is fairly lax about when we work as long as we cover our expected spans of time each day. I've occasionally had trouble getting to work, and I'm never ...
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Does keeping one's desk extremely clean appear lazy? [closed]

I do all of my work on my PC and I like to keep my desk very clean; it helps me think. I'm pretty much the only one of this mindset at my company and most other's desks are covered with papers, notes, ...
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When is it appropriate to use post-nominal letters, such as degrees, in a professonal setting?

While there is a bit of a cultural distinction to be made as the treatment of post-nominal letters (e.g. Honorifics such as OBE, Esq., or Ph.D.; or licensure credentials such as PE), what are some ...
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Dealing with someone who thinks he's "divinely right"

I have recently come across the situation where I have to deal with the person (software architect) who seem to think that the software solution he had come up with is basically "divinely correct" and ...
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Am I required/expected to notify current boss that I'm looking for a new job?

When I changed jobs last year, my previous boss was very insulted that I didn't tell him I was looking for a job and didn't ask him for a reference letter. (I did give him a month's notice when ...
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How to avoid or reverse getting "burned out" on a project

I have been with my current employer for about nine months. Due to what I believe are project planning issues that occurred prior to my employment here, the project I joined in-progress, which was ...
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Asking client for a letter of recommendation

I'm a software developer working at a company with several clients. Part of my job is to stay in touch with clients and make sure the software I'm developing for them fulfills their needs. ...
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Workplace gossip makes me uncomfortable - how do I deal with it?

At some of my jobs people love to gossip about each other. I don't like to participate in gossip. I've found that if I speak up to tell these people that I believe gossipping is bad, I become a ...
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How honest should I be in performance reviews about colleagues?

When I was working in student government during university, I would occasionally be asked to provide anonymous feedback about one of my colleagues. I was assured this feedback would be seen only by ...
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How do I coordinate the process of pursuing multiple job opportunities at the same time?

In the hot field of software engineering, a competent programmer wanting to switch jobs will be able to apply and interview easily for at least a half dozen jobs. However, coordinating the speed at ...
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How should I accept hurtful feedback from a colleague?

Following a networking event, I was told that I was considered "embarrassing" and that my companions did not wish to be associated with me because of this. I personally found this exceedingly ...
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Is it unprofessional to pursue personal relationships with site users?

As a community manager for a large internet company, I interact with our users (and moderators!) on a fairly consistent basis. In fact, I often spend large swaths of my day in the main moderator ...
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Can I pursue romantic relations with a client if our project is completed?

A friend of mine works as a management consultant. On a previous project she was working closely with a Fortune 500 client's team. One of the team members and her had chemistry, but they maintained ...
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How could I maintain a flex agreement when my boss moves on?

When I hired with the company I'm with right now, I negotiated a flex agreement, saying that every other Friday I'd have off. I have the email in which that was agreed to, and everybody's been happy ...
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