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15 votes
10 answers

Dealing with mean or racist remark from a colleague

I work in California for a small company. I am a brown male. At one of the Annual year end party, I took my wife and my newborn girl to the party. I was introducing my newborn girl to everyone. One of ...
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How many forms of identification for job

So I got hired to a fast food place and they asked for my ID, my birth certificate and my SSN card. I thought they only need TWO forms of identification not three. They also asked if I had one in ...
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In a private FB group, a girl said all moms in Area were racist. She contacted my employer. Can I be fired?

Conversation continued with me asking on what grounds she had for such allegations, she would just continue to name call. She contacted my company and said she demanded I be fired. I took screenshots ...
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My company has not addressed the pain our Black community is experiencing right now. What can I do? [closed]

I work for a large company (1000+ employees) in Memphis, Tennessee (the Civil Rights Capital of the world). The work culture is fairly segregated: Corporate is majority White and our customer facing ...
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Should I resign from a committee after politically motivated criticism? [closed]

I serve on the committee of a small NGO which is fairly active in our local area, after being nominated and elected to membership about a year ago. My nomination was due to work that I was doing ...
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Promotion cancelled due to citing white privilege; should I just quit?

TL;DR: I said at work that someone got promoted to my dream position due to 'white privilege', my manager threatens me with dismissal unless I write secret apology I've been trying for 18 months to ...
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3 answers

My manager supports the KKK and is actively racist- white man working in China [closed]

Background: I have been interning in an Chinese multinational corporate through a internship program with my American School. My manager has been making sexist and racist remarks throughout the ...
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24 votes
6 answers

How to deal with a manager who frequently makes subtle, racist remarks about my religion and ethnic origin?

I'm muslim, brown, middle eastern, and no my name isn't actually Joe as my username suggests. My manager makes interesting comments. He normally intends these comments as something humourous but ...
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Dealing with a racist and misogynistic manager, as a contractor?

My team is 100% male contractors. We all work for different companies, and our manager is also a contractor working for another company than mine. Our manager is being misogynistic as well as racist ...
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Cultural favouritism in the workplace

This is in relation to the software industry in Australia. I am noticing a repeated and consistent attitude stemming from Indians towards those of non-Indian background in the industry. Examples: ...
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