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Questions tagged [rejection]

Handling rejection as a candidate or rejecting applications as a hiring manager or HR representative.

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5 answers

Is it polite to reply to a job rejection?

I had an interview, and I'm not sure what went wrong. My application was rejected because they are looking for someone who has in-depth knowledge in the field. I'm sure that I have all the required ...
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4 answers

How to effectively deal with interview rejection? [closed]

I am asking here so I can know of how most professionals deal with this. If there is no substantial Dunning–Kruger effect and one knows he is good at what he does (may not be the best, but better than ...
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3 answers

Should I be sending a rejection letter for every candidate who applies for an online job post?

As a hiring manager, I have online postings where candidates can apply for jobs. I have been sending rejections only to those who were both rejected AND sent personal cover letters, but I am ...
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6 answers

How do I properly answer a rejection email?

I have recently applied for a job and I have received an email telling me that they had found someone already (so the problem was not my application, but the timing). Things like this happen, you have ...
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