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Questions relating to resumes and curriculum vitae (CV).

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15 votes
1 answer

When is it more appropriate to use a résumé versus a CV?

This English and Language question answers what makes a résumé different from a curriculum vitae (CV). But when is it more appropriate to use one over the other? Are there industries that expect one ...
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34 votes
2 answers

Should I include information about my reputation on professionally-relevant Stack Exchange (or other Q&A) sites on my resume?

Should I include any information about Stack Exchange, or more generally, any Q&A, sites that I am an active contributor to on my resume? If so, how prominent should this information be and at ...
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44 votes
1 answer

If you've lost contact with a person, should you stop listing them as a reference?

At a previous job I knew this person very well, she was actually my manager for over a year. Unfortunately when I left I didn't really keep in contact with her and I haven't talked to her for around ...
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63 votes
10 answers

Is it inappropriate to add a religious title on the top line of your resume?

I make my money in software development, but my real love is my "calling" as an ordained clergyman. As such, my proper title is "Reverend," and thus the top line of my resume is "Rev. Michael ...
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32 votes
9 answers

How important is a grade point average on a resume?

I admit i wasn't the best student in college. My years in college were spent working at a job. How important is it to include my grade point average on a resume? Also, at what point should i stop ...
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16 votes
3 answers

Should I describe myself by my current position or my desired position?

I currently am a programmer in job title and largely what I do. However, I am applying for UX/UI/ect Design (and front end development) positions. My current skills are important for the positions I'm ...
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56 votes
10 answers

How best to indicate that I've been the "go-to person" on a resume

For the past 7 years or so, wherever I work, I end up becoming "the guy everyone goes to ask technical and programming questions". Because of that, I'm always "promoted" (sometimes formally, sometimes ...
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5 votes
5 answers

Is loyalty (depth) or diverse experience (breadth) more important to a hiring manager? [closed]

From a long-term goal setting and "hireability" perspective, is it more valuable to have gained significant experience in one company or to have a diverse portfolio of companies and hats on your ...
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48 votes
16 answers

Is it better to invest energy in curating an online resume (LinkedIn, StackOverflow Careers) or a Word document?

Not that you can't do both, but which has the bigger bang for the buck? Will there come a time when we don't send resumes around, just hyperlinks to online profiles such as LinkedIn?
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78 votes
14 answers

Should I include a career objective on my resume?

These usually are overly vague and don't add much. Are there circumstance when these are worthwhile?
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