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Questions pertaining to a permanent end to a person's employment. If you are leaving one job for another or intend to find another immediately, use 'resignation'. If you are leaving a job for an extended period of time but intend to return to the same position/employer, consider the tag 'sabbatical'.

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Can I give a book as a present to one of my bosses now he is retiring?

One of the owners of the company I work for is retiring. He always goes out of his way to be kind to people, and since I'm very shy I've always found very reassuring knowing he was in the company's ...
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What is "bridge to retirement"

So I'm in Ontario, Canada working for a largish company, couple thousand employees. Pretty good retirement program. I'm 20 months to official retirement. The relationship with the boss is suffering. ...
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Getting info/networking with freelancers/contracters in the Silicon Valley

I have 20 years of experience with 10 years in the Bay Area. Till recently I did a full time job for companies like eBay and Google. I recently retired. However, I feel like retiring full time might ...
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Leaving Job After New Hire and Before Boss Retires

The Questions: Does anyone here have any advice for: Quitting shortly after a new hire (especially in a small team) Quitting shortly before your boss (who you deeply appreciate) retires The ...
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As a software developer, can I 'retire' for a few years, at 32 years old?

My situation: 32 years old Modest salary as a software dev ($45k) $50k in savings Just under 6 years experience as a developer I never did the whole 'travel the world' thing when I was younger. I ...
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How to handle discussions about 401k in the workplace

I work for a company that offers 401k plan with a solid match. 6% but it vests over 3 years. Anyway, people always tell me to contribute and they discuss amongst each other how much they contribute. ...
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Farewell speech to a colleague whom I do not know well

I have recently taken over a team and a colleague is retiring soon. Please give some tips on what to say in his farewell party. This is especially tough as I do not know him well, nor have I ...
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How to deal with a supervisor shaming staff nearing retirement?

I work at a public school that recently hired a new principal. There have been many retirements this year and the principal has been shaming the older staff. One senior teacher came to me crying ...
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In what occupations, niches, roles can a software developer work when he is 90 years old? [closed]

I'm about 40 years old and I'm a software developer (with focus on Java). I was told that in my region (German-speaking Europe) companies stop hiring people over the age of 45. I don't believe in ...
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How do I tell another HR manger that I emailed them due to the old HR manager retiring?

Edit: Thank you all for your answers and comments. As a result I have decided per your recommendations not to email the new HR manager, but I will mention this work experience if I am lucky enough ...
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Requesting not to have a Retirement Dinner [duplicate]

How do I nicely tell co-workers that I would not like to have a retirement dinner? This is something that everyone before me had & people look forward to this. I am not against the dinner, but ...
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12 votes
3 answers

Is it okay to turn down an invitation to my own retirement party?

I had to retire from work after 23 years to care for my ill husband. No breaks. I’m here 24/7. I order groceries on line for delivery. I’m his caretaker. With his dementia and disease he cannot be ...
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How do I ask to transition from full time to permanent part time instead of retirement?

I'm a software developer and I really like my job. I mean I really really really like my job. I have a great work environment, I work on creative projects, I work the standard full-time gig: 40-50 ...
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Is it appropiate to decline full reimbursement for device bought for boss figure

This boss in my company is retiring at the end of the month, he politely asked me if I could get an external hard drive so he could save personal pictures and videos along with other personal files ...
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What is the etiquette to follow when writing a farewell message for a co-worker leaving permanently on disability?

We have a team member who has been with some of us for over 20 years, and the others have been in the industry with him for over 10 years. He had an accident at home that involved a significant head ...
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