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Questions tagged [retirement]

Questions pertaining to a permanent end to a person's employment. If you are leaving one job for another or intend to find another immediately, use 'resignation'. If you are leaving a job for an extended period of time but intend to return to the same position/employer, consider the tag 'sabbatical'.

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111 votes
19 answers

As a software developer, can I 'retire' for a few years, at 32 years old?

My situation: 32 years old Modest salary as a software dev ($45k) $50k in savings Just under 6 years experience as a developer I never did the whole 'travel the world' thing when I was younger. I ...
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12 votes
3 answers

Is it okay to turn down an invitation to my own retirement party?

I had to retire from work after 23 years to care for my ill husband. No breaks. I’m here 24/7. I order groceries on line for delivery. I’m his caretaker. With his dementia and disease he cannot be ...
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