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What is my title?

I will be single-handedly running my mother's clinic over her 2-week vacation. What would be my official job title, for resume's sake? Edit: I am normally the President of the clinic -analyzing ...
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How to attain more decision making authority in role

What is the best strategy to move forward when addressing a workspace environment where my role is unclear, I am not given any authority for decision making although being in current job 5 years and ...
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What are the core responsibilities for a CEO role?

A CEO role's responsibilities can vary depending on how the role was defined by the board of directors and how the negotiation went. But I assume that the CEO role has a core set of responsibilities ...
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Feeling not good enough to find a new job [closed]

I am looking for new jobs but feel not good enough to take a job in another company. Simply because I am hanging between roles and therefore do not really know who I am, in professional terms. I did ...
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If HR and Management are NOT your friend, Who is? [closed]

At the risk of naivety, I ask, what role(if any) in a typical organization/company would be a "Friend" to an employee?
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How to be a successful team lead? [closed]

I recently got promoted to a team lead role after being a software engineer with the same company for a few months. I think I have been leading before informally/unknowingly but now that I am ...
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