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2 answers

How to be a successful team lead? [closed]

I recently got promoted to a team lead role after being a software engineer with the same company for a few months. I think I have been leading before informally/unknowingly but now that I am ...
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8 answers

If HR and Management are NOT your friend, Who is? [closed]

At the risk of naivety, I ask, what role(if any) in a typical organization/company would be a "Friend" to an employee?
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3 answers

How to attain more decision making authority in role

What is the best strategy to move forward when addressing a workspace environment where my role is unclear, I am not given any authority for decision making although being in current job 5 years and ...
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Employer is removing subject matter expert from job title

I and many others at my workplace currently hold subject matter experts as part of their job title. These are separate from senior engineers and part of the proposed career progression prior to this ...
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What are the core responsibilities for a CEO role?

A CEO role's responsibilities can vary depending on how the role was defined by the board of directors and how the negotiation went. But I assume that the CEO role has a core set of responsibilities ...
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2 answers

Feeling not good enough to find a new job [closed]

I am looking for new jobs but feel not good enough to take a job in another company. Simply because I am hanging between roles and therefore do not really know who I am, in professional terms. I did ...
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2 answers

Am I being over anxious in thinking?

I have worked at my current workplace for 3 years. I enjoy my work. The company has two main departments, as well as accounts department and HR department. When I first started the job, the job was ...
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What does "Chief Engineer Emeritus" means?

Recently I've came across a few profiles on LinkedIn with title as "Chief Engineer Emeritus". What does Chief Engineer Emeritus means in an organization ?
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What is my title?

I will be single-handedly running my mother's clinic over her 2-week vacation. What would be my official job title, for resume's sake? Edit: I am normally the President of the clinic -analyzing ...
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