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Questions about the workplace that may specifically relate to cultures or customs in Romania..

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20 votes
6 answers

Should I notify candidate about the fragile state of my company?

I'm running a small IT startup (private firm), funded from my own pocket. We are working on a development project, which is not yet generating income. So far I've hired 3 employees with a 1-year ...
8 votes
6 answers

How to deal with a boss who is trying to make you quit

I work in company which does outsourcing to various clients. My first project assigned was related to DHCP for a client which does network software. The implementation and testing took about 3 months (...
3 votes
4 answers

Employees treated differently when asking for unpaid vacation

A colleague asked her manager for unpaid vacation for 6 months due to personal reasons (moving to another city/country). The manager and HR by extensions refused this although they allowed many ...
1 vote
1 answer

Negotiating salary for junior position - software dev

I am soon to graduate (one month) and I'm going to have an interview with the HR and the manager of the team (final stage of the recruitment process, I've passed the technical tests) in a cool company....
1 vote
4 answers

Is it a good idea to mention in my CV, as a programmer, the number of reputation points on Stack Overflow? [duplicate]

I work in academia, as a lecturer, teaching computer programming and I am thinking of getting hired at a software firm. I was thinking to put in my CV my StackOverflow account, including how many ...