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A period of extended leave granted to employees to pursue personal and professional development activities. The employee's position remains available for them to resume upon the end of the leave. Typically, the duration is at least a month to as long as a year or more.

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How to request a relocation for 3 months? (from US to Asia and back)

My wife is starting a residency in Asia in ~13 months, and I am planning to move with her. It feels like the opportunity of a lifetime, and I've already started learning the language. We currently ...
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Advice for someone who took a long sabbatical?

I (late 20s) last worked around January 2022 as an automation engineer and have since been out of work. Part of it was to clarify career direction through self-reflection and trying stuff out, most of ...
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Signals and consequences of voluntary part-time?

My employer recently laid off staff due to economic conditions; on the order of 10%, I think. I made the cut and we -- the survivors -- have been promised that there won't be another round of lay offs ...
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How to tell my manager's manager that I don't want to work under my manager anymore

Long story short: Strained relationship with Manager drove me to job hunting. Manager takes six month sabbatical. Working directly for her manager in that time is infinitely more enjoyable, and in one ...
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Asking for sabbatical vs. resigning to explore a different working field

This is a longer story. But I try to explain the most important details. summary My company doing business in some high tech (let's call it field of work A) offered me to change my fixed-term contract ...
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Quitting in the middle of a project for a 3-4 month sabbatical

My employer (company B) is a consulting firm that provides subcontractors like myself to other companies in the aerospace and automotive sectors. I have been already two years in this company and have ...
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As a software developer, can I 'retire' for a few years, at 32 years old?

My situation: 32 years old Modest salary as a software dev ($45k) $50k in savings Just under 6 years experience as a developer I never did the whole 'travel the world' thing when I was younger. I ...
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Alternating two years of working with one year of sabbatical [closed]

As a software engineer, is a feasible plan to alternate two years of working with one year of sabbatical? I was thinking about the possibility to change companies each time rather than staying in the ...
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How to present (in cover letter/interviews etc) a 7-year gap in employment up to today because I didn't need to work? Circumstances changed

There's a long history but in brief: I worked at (non-career-type) jobs for about 10 years, earning minimum wage or a little over that, contributing to our household with my partner who was much more "...
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How can I maintain health insurance during unpaid leave?

When taking a couple months of unpaid sabbatical in the UK, the employer will usually drop all benefits until the employee is back. Quite certain this policy would cut the national health insurance ...
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