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For questions about fixed monetary compensation, distinct from hourly wages, piece wages, bonuses, and non-cash compensation.

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How should I properly approach my boss if I'm feeling underpaid?

I started working at my current company as a Software Engineer about 2 years ago. When I received my offer, it was $5k less than what was agreed to during my interview and non-negotiable. However I ...
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How can I determine a reasonable salary to ask for?

I'm looking for a comprehensive answer to this question, not short answers that just tell me one piece of the equation. The ideal answer should include: How can I determine the average salary rate ...
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Does the first person to mention a number in a salary negotiation lose?

When talking about salary negotiation (or any negotiation), it's become somewhat conventional wisdom that "the first to give a number loses". Steve Hanov says so. So does Is this true? ...
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How to respond to a direct ask of salary earned and expectations?

What is the best way to fill out an application form for a role with an unspecified salary expectation where the following questions are mandatory to complete in a pre-interview form: What is your ...
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Is it a good idea to ask for a significantly lower salary than the median to increase the chances of an offer?

I applied for a bunch of software positions and when they asked me for what I was looking for in a salary range, I went for basically undercutting their average salaries I saw online by about $30k. ...
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Why is discussing pay such a taboo? How can I get people to talk about concrete figures?

I recently changed contracts from educational to full-time at my company and colleague from accounting asked me if I had negotiated my pay yet. I said yes and was about to tell him, when he ...
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9 votes
4 answers

Underpaid and overworked, how should I approach my boss? [duplicate]

About a two months ago a co-worker and I caught our superior embezzling money from the company. After consideration, we approached our boss and told him the whole story. Our superior quit ...
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Can my employer demand that I show up to work 15 minutes before my shift but not pay me for that time?

A few weeks ago I was working as a tutor for a major chain in the Chicago suburbs and was paid hourly. Usually my shifts were just a few hours, say from 4 to 7. I'd show up 5 minutes early or so just ...
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36 votes
3 answers

Does empirical research indicate that salary discussions between coworkers cause problems?

A previous question asked whether or not discussion of salaries should be encouraged. I have a different question, which asks for meaningful research on the subject of whether or not salary ...
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2 answers

How to gracefully quit from a job/company I like (better offer elsewhere)?

I have been working for this great company for less than a year now and I have been offered a position with even a better company and the pay is way higher. I love the company I am working for, but ...
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46 votes
6 answers

My former employer is still paying me. What do I do?

I recently ended employment as a salaried worker with a large corporation. I have just received one more paycheck as if I was still an employee of that corporation, for the full amount that I would ...
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5 answers

How do I renegotiate my salary when new hires start in higher ranges?

I have a very solid experience in Software Development and Project Management, and I just learned that the company I work for has posted a new position that requires half the experience and a lesser ...
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30 votes
11 answers

Get a raise to match another job offer [closed]

I've been offered a position at another company for $50K more than what I am getting paid now. However, this other company doesn't completely interest me and I feel I might get bored with the work in ...
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5 answers

Is it okay to withhold previous salary information during the interview process?

So here's the situation. I have a friend who is applying for a job as a Business Analyst. He has been working as a Business Analyst for another company for a year, but wants to move. However, his ...
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What are my rights if an old employer claims they overpaid me and is demanding repayment? [closed]

I was working for a large multinational company in the UK for 3 years ago until 3 months ago when I returned to my home country to be closer to my family. We parted on great terms. I then get an email ...
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16 votes
3 answers

How to use an external offer in salary negotiation WITHOUT threatening to quit [duplicate]

I like my job, a lot, and the end goal is to keep my job, but get a raise on the order of 50%. They currently pay me £X, which is a little below the national average for the UK, and a lot below the ...
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75 votes
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For future employers, how/when should I bring up not wanting to work unpaid overtime?

I currently work as a structural engineer in the midwest United States. My company, like many engineering firms, is very "feast or famine" in that some weeks we have crazy amounts of work to do, and ...
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How to respond if boss asks if I'm looking for a new job

I'm currently searching for a new job. If my boss asks me if I'm looking, should I tell the truth? My small group is pretty demoralized at this point. One of my coworkers gave his notice late last ...
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Does my geographic location matter when requesting a salary?

I currently work in a state where my salary is quite comfortable and the Cost of Living Index is quite low. However, if I move to another state, especially anywhere Silicon Valley, I'll need about ...
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2 answers

Can you negotiate salary on a promotion?

A friend of mine recently applied for a position in a different team, this is a senior position and he was informed that he is the chosen candidate and HR will present the final offer (with the new ...
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20 votes
5 answers

Is it OK to ask for a higher salary than what you listed as your expected salary?

I have an interview with a company on Monday and in the initial application I gave them the salary I was expecting (it was part of their form, although I'm sure I could have left it out). They ...
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11 answers

How can I use my masters degree to get a higher salary?

I have almost completed my masters degree in computer science. I have interviewed at a lot of companies, where they told me that they don't think a Masters degree is necessary for a software developer....
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6 answers

Should I encourage my coworkers to share their salaries with each other?

Objectively speaking, the only party that would not benefit from everyone knowing what everybody else earns (specially people in similar positions) is the employer. Yet, there's a stigma about it. ...
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Are there humorous, less-confrontational ways to negotiate a starting salary?

I really am the type of person who doesn't feel comfortable demanding higher pay. I feel perhaps that others are like me, that they are simply more lenient or compliant. So sometimes you want to push ...
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Citing pay as a reason to move on from a company

Let us say you've applied to a job, and the employer calls back with a phone interview. When employers ask you about why you're moving on from your current company, is it considered bad to reply "I'm ...
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How to clock time on a mandatory shuttle?

Most of my organization's employees park at the office, but there aren't enough spots for everyone. The company has an overflow lot 10 minutes from the building where about 20% of the employees are ...
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8 votes
3 answers

Can you negotiate a salary after accepting an offer as an entry-level grad?

I'm a new grad and got an offer from a tech giant as my first job. It is amazing that I will be working for them. I now got another offer from a top contract and the pay is way higher. ($15k more) ...
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5 votes
2 answers

Can the salary be negotiated after receiving the offer letter?

I've received an offer letter but I feel the salary is lower than I expected. I am currently in my notice period with my previous employer. Can I renegotiate my salary without jeopardizing the job ...
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How to ask for the already promised raise

I have worked for company A for about 3 years. Then, there was some internal & financial problems, and I thought is time to moving on. I signed with company B, I was very impressed by their ...
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Is there a rule of thumb for calculation of 1099 rate from existing salary + benefits?

In the US most salaried positions come with benefits, such as health and dental insurance, etc, etc. Is there a rule of thumb that converts salary + benefits to an hourly rate for a 1099? Obviously, ...
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When to ask for a raise at new job [duplicate]

My Situation is as follows: After graduating in June I started a new Job in August. When my boss hired me, he just said what my salary would be and that I would (possibly) get a raise some time later....
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Salary negotiations after verbal agreement [duplicate]

I had agreed verbally on an offer that was a more than my initial expectation. I am interested if I would be able to ask more of the base salary stating my lost compensations with my current employer....
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4 answers

How can you evaluate your market value? [duplicate]

Possible Duplicate: How can I determine a reasonable salary to ask for? I am very happy in my current position but I feel like I am being under paid. However, this could just be me having an over-...
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Why the disparity between raises within a company and raises when changing companies?

In software engineering it is common knowledge that you can expect a more significant raise when changing jobs than when getting a raise at your current job. This has been confirmed in my own personal ...
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25 votes
3 answers

How do I respond to a low-ball offer?

Consider if I work in a city making X, and am offered a job in another city for also X. The new city has a cost of living that is almost double where I currently live, yet the offer is the same as ...
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3 answers

I am being paid less than I would like, how can I change this? [duplicate]

I am a web developer with about 4 years of relevant work experience in my field. Recently, I went from making $30/hr working from home contracting for large companies to a full time job that only pays ...
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Should I negotiate a higher salary when transitioning from intern to full-time employee?

I'm currently finishing my internship (graduation) as software engineer and the company has asked me to come work for them after I've graduated. During the internship I developed an iPhone app which ...
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Remote work salary based on which location

If you work remotely full time for a company that's office is in a different city or state than yours, is your salary based on your location or the company's location?
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6 answers

How to counter these salary negotiation questions with HRs?

I'm a Software Engineer from India having current CTC: 9 LPA (Lakhs per annum) and years of Experience: 4. I've an offer of 14 LPA and serving my notice period. The companies in which I'm interviewing,...
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Is 6 months too early to negotiate a payrise at a new job? [closed]

Last year I was made redundant from a job I had been at for over 10 years. After nearly 6mths of being unemployed and searching for work I was offered a job with a new employer. The role offered ...
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If I accept an offer, but then my company counters with a big increase, can I negotiate an increase with the offer I already accepted? [duplicate]

So I have accepted an offer. I was not expecting my current employer to counter with such a big offer. Can I bring that up to the company I accepted the offer from already to negotiate a better ...
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4 answers

Can I negotiate for a higher salary based on a higher offer I got elsewhere?

I was offered a position from company A. The annual salary would be $75K plus they'd give me a $1,000 signing bonus to help me relocate. I was also offered a position with company B. It would also ...
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How should I deal with an employee who is stealing from the cash counter?

I own a pharmacy, and I have an employee who has been working for me for the past 5 years. However, he has recently started stealing money from the cash counter. Maybe he thinks that I will not ...
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60 votes
11 answers

Why do recruiters ask how much is your current pay?

I have been through 2 recruitment processes. The first recruiter said "May I know what your current pay is, for my purpose?" during a interview over lunch. He told me that would be my current pay too. ...
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6 answers

When is it acceptable for a subordinate to earn more than a manager?

In the context of a technology work, how do you go about objectively justifying for a subordinate to earn the same amount or more than their manager (say the one giving performance reviews)?
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Should I tell my boss I have started looking for a new job because I think my salary is too low? [duplicate]

Summary I believe myself to be underpaid and have started looking for a new job. I don't have an offer yet. Should I tell my boss as a way to gain leverage in salary negotiations? Long form I know ...
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Can I refuse to reveal the salary for my last position if it was a bit low?

If my salary was a bit low for my last position, can I refuse to reveal it if a potential employer asks and how would I word it? Especially since I was fired from my last job, I am worried that a ...
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When should I ask for more money in conjunction with more responsibility?

So, six months ago, I changed jobs for one primary reason - to spend more time with my family. I negotiated a flex arrangement, and set about to work. The good news is, I've been doing good work. The ...
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How do I professionally decline to disclose my current salary

I know one should not disclose their salary in an interview: how you are valued anywhere else should not affect how the new company should value you, and it can be used against you. I am aware some ...
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Salary negotiated during interview - is it set in stone?

After reading several posts here, I realized that negotiating your salary once you get an offer is a good practice. During an inteview I did last week for an entry-level job, the manager asked me ...
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