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42 votes
2 answers

Job offer doesn't smell quite right - is this a scam?

I'm currently looking for work and was contacted last week by a company interested in my LinkedIn profile. After providing my resume and completing a questionnaire, today the company offered me the ...
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3 answers

Recruiter forwarded me a take-home test from the client but won't give me contact info to send back to the client

In other words, they expect that I'll send the completed take home test (which took me 8 hours) to them and they they'll forward it to the client's engineering team. I asked the recruiter for a client ...
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3 answers

Am I getting "scammed"? (Job Search)

I am currently in the software dev job market. Been applying for about 2 months now. Two days ago I receive: "We appreciate your interest in the [----] position. Your application was approved ...
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4 votes
2 answers

Swiss recruiter wants me to send him a copy of my ID - is this a thing?

I recently got approached by a recruiter in Switzerland, proposing to put me forward for a role he's recruiting for one of his clients. The recruitment agency looks genuine, and so does the final ...
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4 answers

How do I protect myself from scam recruiting companies?

I immigrated into the US recently, I'm a software developer with a decent resume, but I'm really struggly to get a job here. With that premise, I'm receiving a lot of calls from people from mostly New ...
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How can I determine if a job offer I received from a company in the UAE is genuine or a scam? [duplicate]

I recently got a job offer from a company named OCAM OIL AND GAS COMPANY, ABU DHABI, UAE. I want to know if this company is genuine. I searched about the company on Google but I couldn't find enough ...
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2 answers

How can I tell if a recruiter is actually representing a candidate they present?

It seems like some of these recruiters that contact us are not actually working with the candidates they present. For instance, a couple times, we have indicated an interest to interview and their ...
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How to know if its a scam when employer asks for deposit

Literally the same issue for me but mine is a little different... I am a freelance software developer and i freelance on upwork and other freelancing platforms. Literally one of the first proposal i ...
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