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How to deal with a team member consistently showing up late

For a long time I was the only developer at my company. Last year, we hired two more entry level devs. I have no management experience or training and very few managerial duties, but by virtue of my ...
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Rescheduling a Coveted Interview

I am a senior in college and I've just landed a very coveted job interview with a well known company. I shared those details to paint a picture of how careful I want to be when handling this situation....
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2 answers

How to politely but firmly stand my ground on task scheduling requests that are unrealistic? [duplicate]

The typical set of tasks on my plate have an attached schedule that was more or less jointly determined between me and the supervisor/lead/management team. The scheduling may have been determined by ...
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Is three weeks too far out to schedule a follow up meeting after an interview?

I took a video interview late last month, and got a response the next day asking me to schedule a time for a telephonic technical interview. The exact words used were: I would like to schedule a ...
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How to push back when colleagues send work to me they can do themselves?

Over the years I've acquired some Perl skills to get the data in a shape I can work with (marketing analytics). Average dataset sizes have grown over the years, and colleagues tend to say "Excel can'...
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Coworker making annoying and teasing comments. How to resolve it informally?

I have a coworker X who is part of my SCRUM team. Coworker X's desk happens to be right by the front door. The way his cube is setup, gives him clear view on who is entering or/and leaving the ...
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Telling agency I can't make shifts due to accepting other work

I don't know how best to describe it, but I do work where I go to various (public and retail) locations and promote various products. I find work through a few different agencies that usually don't ...
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