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41 votes
11 answers

How to let colleagues know that your desk is vacant?

I work in an office that has few to no spare desks at the best of times. It is rammed! However, there tend to be desks within the office that are free (due to holiday, business travel, working from ...
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94 votes
7 answers

Employee refuses to sit at desk with rest of team, sits in common area instead

I have a low-performing employee who refuses to sit at their desk. I’ve asked twice if they have issues with the chair or table — because we can make accommodations there — and employee said no. ...
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4 answers

ADHD and desk location are affecting my work/family life, how do I ask to move desks?

I just started with my job a month ago. I sit next to my supervisor which makes me very self conscious and triggers my anxiety even though I know I am not doing anything wrong. Also, it's a high ...
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What are the defining attributes of an open space office layout? [closed]

I have been working as a software developer on few places with various office-layout from a small office for 8 people and few rooms nearby to a huge rectangle office with a grid system of tables and ...
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Sitting according to seating plan or "first-come-first-served"?

Normally, offices have seating plans that managers or higher ups decide where the employer should work. Do some offices let the employees to seat where they want, making it "first-come-first serve"? ...
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7 votes
2 answers

How to ask colleague to swap seats?

As a background, I am currently working as a foreigner where in 90% of my colleagues speak the local language and while the other 10% speak another language. Cut the story short, I'm the only one in ...
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Seating arrangements face to face makes me stressed. What can I do about it?

I had been rejecting jobs in the past which had tables with such arrangement like in the picture. I mean when there is no partition by which you could have privacy from another person seeing you ...
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2 votes
2 answers

How to effectively allocate seating in an office

I have a project to assign seating space for contract hires(employees), employees on internship and direct hires in an office space. What would be the most important questions to ask their managers ...
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12 votes
8 answers

Should I give up my window seat to my more senior , experienced colleague?

Well, An awkward situation at work. We moved into a new office, and I was lucky enough to get a window seat . The first day, the manager just told us to pick our own seats. So I went ahead found a ...
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