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What should I do about a bully at work? [closed]

In my work, there is a person that disturbs me really harshly: he always bumps into my shoulder on purpose, he always curses me when he sees me, he always does from distance moves like he is punching ...
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Coworker pushing himself too much (Telework context)

Some context: My coworker and I are foreigners working in Japan as IT developers. Our team works from home 2-3 days a week. This coworker is working fully from home (too far from workspace). Issue: As ...
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How to save my boss' face when his evidence to motivate us is wrong?

One day my boss sent in our team chat group a screenshot of his conversations with one of his former subordinates who is now working in a giant. In a conversation my former colleague(the mentioned guy)...
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Interview Phase 2, I admit that I was bad in Phase 1, they cancel the interview [closed]

It happened on a recent interview to me. This case was the following: Interview #1. They ask very deeply from a field which I know not very deeply (but worked already some years with it). My answers ...
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