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My team lead is leaving, no one expects me to take their place, but I want it. How can I put myself on the table?

My team lead is leaving the company, there are currently three people in the team including me. The other two team members are both more experienced and better qualified than I am, but they aren't ...
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Self promotion and its frequency [duplicate]

In a field like IT and software development, tips/help is always given and taken. Helping peers and juniors is expected from an employee in a decent senior position. I am one of such seniors who is ...
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How do I effectively succeed with a co-worker who is an obnoxious self-promoter?

My situation is that we're two team-managers leading a team of 8 other guys. I've got a co-worker who is regularly condescending to everyone. When a question is posed to the team he shouts everyone ...
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