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Being asked to sign a release form after being terminated

I had a job where the probation period was 6 months. I was terminated just after 4 months. There were never any issues brought to my attention and nothing that went terribly wrong. The only ...
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I just failed PIP, should I ask for management to terminate my employment? [closed]

Today (June 19th) is my last day of my Performance Improvement Plan (PIP) and I know I failed it because my boss told me I am not passing. As of right now, I have not receive a notice termination. I ...
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Company offered to move me to another project which I'm not suitable for, can I negotiate a resignation and get some of my severance pay?

I'm a software developer with experience primarily in web development. The project I was working on at my company has finished recently. So HR told me that there are 3 different open positions on ...
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Severance contract requires a lie. Is this enforceable? [closed]

I was recently laid off. A severance package was offered to me, contingent on me signing a contract. The contract has terms that require me to tell anyone who asks that I was not, in fact, laid off, ...
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Is "preemptive severance" the same as being fired?

I read a recent article about someone quitting their job at Netflix. One part of the article confused me: I spent two weeks after the performance review thinking about my next steps and decided to ...
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How should I update my LinkedIn acct, that I haven't used in years, that I'm no longer with my last employer, and looking for work?

Background: I was offered/given an acceptable severance package to leave, so I did. The regional manager & HR manager said they would confirm with prospective employers my start / end dates and my ...
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I am leaving my job. Gave two weeks notice. My boss wants a signed NDA. Should I ? What's in it for me?

There was been continuous between myself and the doctor's office manager. I met with the doctor and explained that I could no longer take the manager's beratement and aggressive behavior. He accepted ...
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Getting laid off soon with a new job offer. Take severance pay?

I know I will be laid off in a couple weeks (with severance pay). I have another job offer, and they don't know I will be laid off soon. Is there a downside to push my start date to after getting laid ...
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What are the downsides of getting fired with severance instead of quitting?

I've been at my company for several years, and lately I've grown frustrated and increasingly stressed out due to changes at the company. The quality and quantity of my work has plummeted over the last ...
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Salvaging senior engineer who's planning projects by how good they look on his resume/CV

One of our senior (and more competent) engineers, "Peter", who was due for a promotion and pay raise a few months back, raised an issue and meeting with me when his promotion was deferred ...
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Should I ask for reimbursement of unclaimable vacation prize after being terminated as severance pay?

I was just terminated from my position at a tech company in Canada. During the holiday Christmas party, I won a draw for some kind of all-inclusive vacation to be reimbursed as a taxable benefit by ...
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Conditions for accepting a pay cut instead of being laid off with severance

I work in a Canadian office for a large US-based company that has several offices throughout the US and Canada. Senior management in the US has already been forced to take cuts, and Canadian managers ...
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How to get employer to pay "garden leave" instead of making me work from home for a year?

I've worked in the Canadian arm of a large US corporation for 8 years now (the company isn't exactly renowned for being civil to its employees) as a senior engineer. I've earned 11 months of severance ...
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Company asking to resign with two months basic pay amidst COVID situation

I am in weird situation. I work in Indian IT company which has around 3000 employees. I am not on any projects for couple of months now. And now I have started to work from home due to COVID-19. (When ...
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Handling a conventional termination negotiations [closed]

I'll start by saying i'm not sure this is the right place to ask this but i really need a second opinion on this. I've worked for a french software consulting company for nealry 5 years now, all of ...
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Can you be promoted and then fired for-cause? (Performance) [closed]

Inspired by this answer and a comment ...So he becomes a manager, is really bad at it, gets fired... In the original question, an employee was denied a promotion and turned sour. The company is (...
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Negotiating severance upon willing departure

Background In a welcome lunch at my current company, one of the founders (technologist) explained that he first met another of the founders (lawyer) when the technologist employed the lawyer to help ...
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Should I sign a severance agreement if I already received the money?

I was recently let go from my job and given a two week severance package. The money was deposited into my account almost immediately. I was given an agreement to sign, but I prefer not to sign it ...
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