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Is it a good idea for me to propose temporarily reducing my hours, so I can work on a '20% time' side-project unrelated to my job?

Is it a good idea to propose on my own initiative a temporary decrease (20% less for 6 months) of my work hours and therefore my salary to work on a side project? The side project concerns the ...
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3 answers

Is it frowned upon to involve a colleague in a side project?

I am a part time employee at a company based in California. I have a client I work for in my spare time, to make a bit more money. The client is in a completely different field of my employer. My ...
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Ethics of freelance work when expenses are already covered

I currently work a 9-5, salaried office job. I also, on evenings and weekends, do freelance work in another field unrelated to my primary job, which is dominated primarily by freelance practitioners ...
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What is the best course of action on a new side project. when a co-lead has a completely different approach?

Context We are both solution architects and fairly new at a company. This project is not related to our direct work but an initiative that involves the wider department. My colleague invited me to co-...
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2 votes
3 answers

Taking on a new project and making the most of it

Summary: I have been in the same position for 7 years, and highly rated during each performance review. I am being passed over for promotion, and my manager doesn't give me clear plan for improvement. ...
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Putting freelance work on resume alongside regular day job?

For the past 6 months I've had a side consulting business in an industry that I'm interested in long-term. It's in a different industry than the one my regular day job is in, but they use a similar ...
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How to handle a boss not allowing the creation of commercial products outside of work (e.g. a SaaS) [closed]

Some time ago I had this idea for an app I could make outside of my job, but my contract states that I need permission from my boss. This clause isn't very uncommon where I live in Europe. What is ...
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What to show to future employer as portfolio if my previous works are confidential? [duplicate]

I'm a UX designer and I work on several enterprise level applications at my current job, but I don't have clearance to share any detail about them. Nobody has. Although the applications are available ...
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Can I work for company as Consultant and also charge them separate for some dedicated projects? Is that ethical thing to do? [closed]

I am working as a consultant for firm F through agency A. I am assigned a set of responsibilities which I perform on a daily basis, which is basically customer support work. Now firm F needs to ...
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How do I start a side gig? [closed]

I am currently working for Microsoft in Bengaluru and want to eventually quit tech and do something on the side. I am not sure of the specifics now but am looking at one or a combination of 3 things ...
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