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4 votes
8 answers

Excessive use of @Channel and @here annotations in Slack channels

We have Slack in our company with dozens of different channels, many of them with hundreds of people. People often send annoying @Channel and @here messages that are really not relevant to that large ...
48 votes
16 answers

Slack culture in fully remote workplace - send "Hello" before asking a question? [closed]

I work for a U.S.-based fully remote software startup. Except for my boss, I have not met any of my coworkers in person. Most are in India, a couple in Europe. We use Slack for communication. If it'...
16 votes
5 answers

Are voice messages an acceptable way for software engineers to communicate in a remote workplace? [closed]

Imagine you work in a remote-first software engineering company, where written messages via Slack are the only established way of asynchronous communication. You find that a newcomer often uses in-...
-1 votes
3 answers

Annoying unprofessional private slack channel at work

One of my colleagues recently created a private slack channel and invited all the non-admin-level people at our location to it. About 70% of the time people chatting in it just communicate about ...
3 votes
4 answers

How to deal with a colleague with poor Slack etiquette?

I have a colleague who I don't believe has worked with Slack or similar services before. We are on the same team and same level in the company heirarchy. This colleague DMs me frequently to ask ...