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Questions about talking to co-workers about non-work related materials. This can be talking on breaks, going to lunch or activities outside of working hours.

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Responding to "Why are you the best person for this job" type questions

Note: In somewhat the same vein as this question. I recently landed a new job, but I was asked during the interview "Why do you think you're the best person for the job?" and they mentioned that this ...
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What are some guidelines for appropriate social drinking in a work-related context?

Everyone or nearly everyone has at some point an occasion to drink either at work as part of a work function or with a group of friends from work. What are some ways to help avoid the pitfalls of ...
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Is there any way to appear sociable at a work social event without drinking?

I generally steer clear of sugary junk food such as beer, fruit juices, etc. I'm not really a fan of drinking alcohol either, as I like my sleep. So when I go out with a bunch of work colleagues and ...
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Should we ban facebook or any other social network at workplace?

In our company we do not bother much about people using social networks such as Facebook. But I am realizing that people are misusing this now. They are engaged in it more than the real job for which ...
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Will declining my company's many social events negatively influence my career?

I've been working for this company in the Netherlands for 6 months now. When they said they valued get-togethers and game nights, I expected the occasional Friday afternoon gathering or a game night ...
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Adjusting to a team with conflicting socialisation preferences for a group dinner

I started a new job half a year ago. I am very satisfied, there's just one thing. The team is pretty outgoing and they like to go out for a dinner together once or twice a month. I don't mind that, ...
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How should I handle colleagues with very different work ethic?

I prefer to work intensively for eight hours with complete focus, then leave relax in the evenings - work hard, play hard. My colleagues on the other hand, prefer to be in the office for 10-12 hours ...
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How to separate personal Facebook from professional FB while getting full benefit of FB? [closed]

I am a web based software engineer in Sri Lanka and I have own my web design business. It is really important to engage with Facebook groups to get local projects. That's how you build a network and ...
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Is it reasonable for me to complain about an objectionable newspaper being ordered for the office?

Our office has had newspapers delivered for some years. I don't recall the staff were ever consulted on what newspapers they wanted, but staff read them during lunch or coffee breaks. Recently the ...
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Do I have to attend a work Christmas party?

I've just started a new job, which I'm enjoying. I recently received an email, asking all employees to choose what they would like to eat at the work Christmas party. I personally would not choose to ...
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I don't want to pay for a work social event, how should I respond if asked why I declined?

My company wants to hold its first ever social event over the weekend at someone's house. At first I accepted the invitation, although I wasn't at all into it, but then I learned that all the costs ...
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Ramifications of not inviting a teammate I don't like to my personal function

I'm a female employee, and I have a baby shower coming up next week. I wish to invite my colleagues to the party. But there is one guy in my team I don't like, because he used to keep staring at me. ...
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Is opting out of "fun" office charity activites socially and professionally acceptable in a small company?

Note: this questions is specifically about charity activity and not social events generally. I work in a small startup which recently grew to 14 people which apparently seems to be enough for "...
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Is it appropriate to speak up for a team member who can't drink due to addiction recovery when a company event is being planned?

I am the team lead of a team of ten. One of my team members in the past has undergone counseling due to alcohol abuse / excessive drinking. He has since recovered, but no longer drinks. Senior ...
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Arranging drinks with laid off coworkers in close-knit team

I work in a close-knit team of about 20 that just suffered layoffs. Some of the surviving employees and laid off employees are friends, and several survivors have suggested arranging drinks with the ...
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When taking clients out for drinks, how to behave when I cannot drink?

I will be spending more and more time with clients in the near future and we are encouraged to regularly socialize with and entertain them, especially by taking them out for drinks. I wonder whether ...
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How can I limit or avoid social faux pas when I have a disability that makes it hard

I have Asperger's syndrome which makes it difficult for me to navigate the social aspects of the workplace, and I understand that other conditions such as depression, anxiety, et cetera can also cause ...
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How to react when superiors make fun of junior employees during informal/social events?

I am a junior manager (promoted from within) and recently started being invited to some social and informal events with senior management. It is good to know that I am getting closer to their inner ...
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Can my UK company order me to join a social event?

I like doing my job and with COVID I love working from home with meetings via Teams. After COVID, I'm continuing working from home. My productivity is higher than in the office and I often work (...
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How can I decline business-lunch invitations due to strict dietary restrictions?

I don't eat out at restaurants, I'm a strict vegetarian, and it's part of my faith. However, recently my manager invited me and other colleagues to a lunch. I don't want to be disrespectful and say ...
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How to exclude myself from informal activities with colleagues?

This may sound bad but please consider that I'm truly uncomfortable with these kinds of activities. I'm a junior software developer, I work with an amazing team and I get along with everyone. I'm ...
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12 votes
2 answers

What are some steps I can take to overcome social anxiety while working?

I recently started working in a midsize company as a software development intern. I really like the company and I really like the work. The trouble I have is building relationships with people in ...
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Is it okay to turn down an invitation to my own retirement party?

I had to retire from work after 23 years to care for my ill husband. No breaks. I’m here 24/7. I order groceries on line for delivery. I’m his caretaker. With his dementia and disease he cannot be ...
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I want to avoid a 2-day social event organized by the company on working days

A company event is advertised with the words "attending is expected", which I assume means attending is obligatory. There doesn't seem to be anything work-related, but it seems to be a spirit building ...
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Is it acceptable to politely decline to speak about one's personal life?

I've seen this answer, where the person says that one might present oneself poorly if they hide their personal lives from their co-workers. In-spite of that, I believe that revealing information ...
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How can I manage an in-person job interview when I have social anxiety?

So far I have been chatting with a potential employer over email. She will eventually ask to meet in person. The problem is that I am very nervous when around other people and thus I reckon the way ...
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Suggestions for building relationships as a remote office worker?

I've started working remotely for a company a few timezones away. I'm not the most social person to begin with, but now that I can't even say "hi" in the hall, How can I help remind people I exist? ...
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Can my employer make me drink alcohol? [closed]

I work at a company with a rowdy atmosphere that includes pressure to drink alcohol. Multiple people at the company told me verbatim that I would even been judged negatively in terms of hiring ...
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How to deal with an office environment where everyone speaks a different language?

I'm working overseas and almost all of my colleagues speak another language (their native language). They talk to me in English regarding work-related stuff and everyone speaks English during meetings....
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How to handle social interactions with someone I fired for poor performance?

I fired someone for poor performance several months ago, and they haven't signed their severance paperwork yet so I am actively worried about litigation. I saw last weekend that they just joined my ...
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