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Questions tagged [software-industry]

Questions with this tag should be specific to the Software Industry, or to workplace elements commonly associated with said industry. The Software Industry deals with the creation, maintenance, and distribution of software. In addition, the creation of any associated training/documentation, as well as any consulting work, is included under the auspices of Software Industry.

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2 answers

Does _anyone_ actually use "leetcode-style questions" in interviewing?

This may be a rant rather than a question; apologies... As an interviewer, I would want to know if the interviewee can understand a spec for a real-world task; ask questions where it's incomplete; ...
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How can I improve my time management and communication skills in this situation?

I work as a junior software engineer and I have recently started a new project. The project is being led by an intermediate software engineer and she has set an ambitious vision for the project and it ...
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How do I get early relieving from my current employer who are taking too long?

I have been work for an Indian organisation as a developer for more than 5 years. Let's call it XYZ. XYZ has a client called ABC. On the payroll of XYZ, I have been working for ABC. I didn't find ...
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advice for a help desk guy trying to break into software development

I work at my company's IT helpdesk, was just rejected from an internal position (entry level C# dev) because I do not have, according to them "hard skills" But, I have already worked pretty ...
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Inclined offer from Amazon without finding a team

I got a verbal inclined offer from Amazon after the loop interview for an SDE II role in the US, but due to VISA issues (H-1B lottery not won), I have started looking for teams in London where I am ...
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After 2 years of work experience, I want to change technical field [closed]

I have 2 years of work experience in C++ development. Now I want work on a new programming language in a different company. Can I shift my field of work now?
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5 votes
4 answers

How can I help an employee improve their communication skills?

I'm currently a team lead at an IT company, managing a team of 5 software engineers + a PM. Our main role is to maintain and upgrade a SaaS product used by internal and external employees. We work ...
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When should I ask for a return full-time offer after being an intern for a year?

I graduate at the end of this year and I've been started working as an intern since last summer at my current company (part-time this winter with class). I will be an intern full-time this summer, and ...
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3 answers

How can a newbie product support engineer make themselves more valuable to potential recruiters?

Out of college, I had just 1 job for 1 Year. Discount the probation period(training period), I've only 6 months of experience. My current salary is around 250$ per month. I was applying with ...
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3 answers

How to bridge the gap from a small shop to modern job?

I have been working for slightly over 4 years as a Java developer at a small company. This was my first job after getting my CS degree as some transitioning into the field later in life ( late 30's). ...
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2 answers

Frustration over co-workers engineering habits [closed]

I work in a small, but established software company. I have been there over 2 years now and with time I noticed a growing frustration with one of my teammates and how he functions in the team. To set ...
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1 answer

Can I back out of an international hiring contract? [closed]

I am currently working in Dubai in a large national company, as a Senior Machine Learning Engineer (SMLE). Here the salaries are good and there is no income tax. However, I recently passed the ...
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Instantly regretting transferring to new team [closed]

I was hired as a software engineer at a tech company. After a couple weeks into my job, another manager unexpectedly reached out and asked if I wanted to transfer to work on [insert cool new ...
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2 answers

Am I being ghosted by a recruiter?

Global Software Company reached me from LinkedIn for 6 month Java Internship and I am accepted. She said to me - I am waiting for more details (new office in Turkey, terms on Turkey and dates). We ...
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SOFTWARE ENG/COMP SCI advice needed please - Failed two subjects [duplicate]

I dont know if this is the correct SE to ask this in, but will post it just in case. I am in Australia, and have no interest in going into FAANG, if that makes any difference. Basically, I failed some ...
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7 votes
9 answers

During the interview process, what are the benefits of a "No Negotiation" policy?

I'm applying for a Software Engineering Manager (EM) at a US company. During the first interview I was told the company has a "No Negotiation" policy, which is a novel concept to me. It ...
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3 answers

How to bring up time lost due to my vacation and december shutdowns in performance reviews?

I work at a company which has performance reviews every 6 months. The performance review scale is like needs help, average/meets expectations, strong. I have been at the company for a few years & ...
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Is it normal, as a vendor, to perform software development on a customer application that a different vendor develops and supports?

I work as a software developer for a consulting company in Australia. In the past, we provided support services to a particular client for a specific piece of software. This support contract ended ...
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Software Industry is collapsing, and I'm uncertain about the future [closed]

I know it may sound negative, but how could it not be when you open your LinkedIn feed and 7 out of 10 posts are about layoffs and people being without jobs for months? First and foremost, allow me to ...
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How can one determine the most effective method for establishing a success metric for a quarterly objectives?

My manager recently took on the additional role of Frontend Architect, and he's asked me to step up and assist with day-to-day responsibilities for the team. Currently, I hold the position of ...
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3 answers

Web developer / Php dev being underpaid [closed]

I graduated in 2018 with 1st class degree in computer science and since I only had 2 jobs: Job 1: software engineer python/web dev 24k 1.6 years got sacked because of Covid. Job 2 Php developer 3.4 ...
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I want to prepare for Computer Science carreer, how do I know I'm learning at a good pace?

I'm going to community college to obtain an associate's in French in preparation to move over to my long-distance partner in a short-enough timeline. But the long-term plan is after French, I'd be ...
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4 answers

Developer - if I need to review code of junior developers, is it reason for a raise?

I am middle developer, not having to interact with junior developers. My boss also said I am middle because in our organization you are senior if you are allocated a junior developer ("allocated&...
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1 answer

Is it worth it to study a skill you have no experience with for a job interview?

Say a job posting says requires javascript (1 year), and I have little/no experience in javascript. Is it worth it to study it for the interview? Assuming they don't have a coding test this is just ...
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What things should I focus on to find a frontend job abroad? [closed]

I'm currently working as a mid-level front-end developer. I have nearly 3 years of experience working in one of the top companies in our country. My goal is to find a job abroad in either Frontend or ...
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3 answers

How to communicate to the team that our company is on-boarding a batch of new remote-only employees from a different country?

I'm currently managing a team of 3 software engineers. On the same level as me, there's a PO taking care of our organization and the work we have to do. On top of all of us, there's the CTO, who takes ...
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5 answers

How to handle a coworker who is constantly suggesting improvements in pieces of work I'm primarily responsible for?

In my job, my coworker and I handle a certain aspect of development which has 2 parts, my focus is on one part while my coworkers focus is on the other part. Over the last few months, I have noticed ...
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2 answers

How can I tell if I'm being singled out by a colleague for being a woman?

I'm a software developer with a respectable work history. I'm confident in the quality of my work, though I know I'm not perfect and not above criticism or correction. I have been discriminated by a ...
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12 answers

How do I bring up non-negotiables with a hiring team?

I'm trying to get my first corporate job as a software engineer. I have autism, and this makes me a potential victim of unconscious bias. Therefore, my one non-negotiable is that the company has to ...
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13 votes
7 answers

How can I repair my relationship with management after accidentally getting access to a confidental document?

For context, I have been working here a month and requested access to an employee evaluation form I wasn't supposed to have access to. My skip skip level manager told my manager, and she started ...
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3 answers

I am part of a team while not officially reporting to its manager, and I think this is causing tension between us. How should I address this?

I am a mid-level software engineer at a large-ish tech company, having slightly above 5YOE. My team is comprised of 8 developers. The previous manager for this team left the company a few months back. ...
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15 votes
5 answers

Is it normal for a junior programmer to be alone in a project?

So I have been accepted into a small-mid size company for a month. In a month, I've been asked to make an app using a library that I don't know and kinda old / rare to be used. Mind you I spent 1 ...
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3 answers

Weird circumstances surrounding feedback interview after on-site interview

I recently had my on-site interview loop with a major international tech company where I was interviewing for several possible positions and I thought it went decently well. Later, I got a flurry of ...
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4 answers

Effects of being fired from a co-op on future employability

My friend is a grad student at an US institution studying Computer Science. During the internship season, they got an opportunity to work at a mid-sized company in the cyber-security domain. ...
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11 answers

Do software industry employeers care that you failed a subject or two in university?

I failed two subjects in uni in my first year, one computer science and one maths (they were first year courses). My GPA is fine. Will this affect my employment opportunities down the track? I am a ...
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3 answers

I’m being assigned basic work, how do I respond?

Details have been changed. Short version of the story is simple: I’m a software engineer, and now I’ve been given IT administration tasks. It’s a major step down in terms of responsibilities, to the ...
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37 votes
8 answers

How can I give feedback about unproductive one-on-ones with my manager?

I've been working at a large Fortune 500 organization for about 2.5 years. Everyone in the company has weekly one-on-ones with their manager for at least 25 minutes. Over that period of time I have ...
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3 answers

Have I made myself unhirable?

Edit: It appears that my fears were unfounded. It took a while, but I am now holding three job offers with two more in the pipeline. I guess I was hirable after all. :) The key was to give as many ...
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4 answers

Is it legal for my company to force me to use my personal computer for work? [closed]

I'm a software engineer with 4 years of experience. I landed a job while in college as a junior dev for the same company I'm with now (3 years total at this current company) making 39k. I now make ...
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22 votes
17 answers

How can I get my engineers to accept being on call?

I am manager of several software engineers. Recently our CTO mandated that all engineers must be on call at least once a week, including the work day and evening, once a month, including the weekend ...
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2 answers

As a software - developer are you able to code 8 hours flat out? [closed]

I am working a "professional" software developer for about 9 months now and I realized that I have troubles coding on a 8 to 5 job when there is nothing else but coding to do (no testing, no ...
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2 answers

Please advise on how to navigate upcoming 1:1 meeting with boss, given circumstances? [closed]

I have documented my difficult work situation in this question and this question Where things stand is that I am actively looking for a completely different group to be on in the large company I am a ...
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Should I Ask for a Lead Title if I Expect to be Manager?

Background This year, I was transferred to a struggling software project as a developer. My time with the team has been difficult due in large part to shortcomings with management. During my time with ...
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4 answers

How to give feedback to stubborn colleague?

I am senior software developer working on a team of 6 engineers, one of them is very difficult to work with, especially when trying to change his mind during a debate or an engineering discussion. He ...
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My journey learning programming. Looking for guidance ~ where do I go from here? [closed]

I started to learn to programming sometime in May about 4 months ago, I had tried to learn before, but this time was with real college courses. I feel like this is the perfect career for me, but I ...
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Should I deliberately work less to reduce expectations if my manager is giving me higher work load? [closed]

This question is a followup of another question I asked a month back: How can I handle too many expectations at a job I recently joined? What has happened since then? As expected, I have been given a ...
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7 answers

Explaining to engineers the importance of writing clean code

I've been working in the industry for a bit now and I lead a small team of developers (those are not always the same depending on the project I work on). When writing code I normally receive feedback ...
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4 answers

Unpaid leave - how much I can realistically ask for?

My current position is, unfortunately, not a good match for my skills and previous experience. Seeing everything in the retrospective, it seems that this position is quite a few steps back for my ...
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How do I convince my team to use modern technology?

We don't use logrotate in our legacy servers. So, I want to use logrotate with a cron job. But my team insists on doing something else. i.e. just writing a cron and a random one line script that finds ...
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Make sure both parties uphold the contract in remote work

My client referred me to another potential client living in North America. We had a call and agreed on a project to work on. However, as far as I can see, there is no guarantee that he honors his end ...
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