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Questions about the workplace that may specifically relate to cultures, customs, or laws in South Korea.

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Whose responsibility is it to buy licenses for software used, employee or employer?

Simple question, but this has been a persistent problem. Is it the employee's responsibility to buy licenses that are needed for software used at work, or the employer's? If the employee raises the ...
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How to deal with inappropriate subjects in conversation with Director

I am currently a United States expatriate living and working in South Korea at a South Korean company. I am a white male and I speak Korean. I joined this company ~6 months ago, and this is my first ...
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29 votes
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How to prepare for a client visit?

I work as an application engineer in a small (~20 people) multimedia software company and I have remote clients and our Asian re-seller coming from South Korea for a business visit. I am junior and I ...
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How do I tactfully apply and interview at other companies when the law mostly is against your odds?

Background: I work as a Software Engineer in South Korea through a program known as SIP1 (Skilled Industrial Personnel). It's a highly selective program where Korean males who must serve a mandatory ...
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