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workplace cultures, customs, or laws in Sri Lanka.

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How to handle a "non-compete clause" on the employment contract?

One of my friends was selected to a large software company to work as a web developer after a successful interview. He got the agreement letter and when he was reading it, he found an unfair term. It ...
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How to call interviewer when I don't know company culture?

Background: Software Engineering, Sri Lanka Different software companies in Sri Lanka use different culture to call senior developers, managers, etc. Eg: Some companies use Sir, some companies use ...
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Is it typical in small companies to BCC the CEO on all external mails? [closed]

I work for a small company (less than 10 employees) in the Software Engineering field in Sri Lanka. We have a policy that all our outgoing Emails must be BCC'ed to [email protected]. I feel like ...
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How to ask more than normal salary increment (more than 30%)? [duplicate]

Background : Very Small but old Software Engineering Company, Sri Lanka. I enjoy my job and work-life balance is really good when comparing other companies in my country. So i don't wont looking other ...
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Communicating effectively with a former director who is now a member of my team

I started my software engineer career six years back in a company. I always used prefix "Sir" when communicating with the director of that company (both emails and verbally). After two years I ...
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Is it an ethics/discrimination issue to not support a persons request outside of my responsibilities

Recently I was asked by a colleague to plug-in the water bottle to the water dispenser, which requires muscle power I have and they do not. This person didn't say "Please", "Could you", "Can you give ...
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How to answer when asked "Are you able to work long hours" in a job interview? [closed]

Background Software Engineering Field, Sri Lanka. Generally, 60 - 80 % of Software Engineers are working 12+ hours at their job in Sri Lanka. The "Are you able to work long hours?" question is ...
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How to politely decline a colleague's wedding invitation given to you personally in office?

I have read the related questions on "how to politely reject a wedding invitation", but my case is different. In my Sri Lankan culture/tradition, the invitation is given by personally visiting the ...
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Personal wedding day of a colleage employee and cultural anomaly [closed]

I was invited to a wedding day of a friend in my workplace(another engineer who works with me in the same engineering department). Due to the busy schedules I was unable to find some time to meet him ...
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Employer doesn't 'usually' hire women

I started applying for jobs recently after working as freelancer for a couple of years and one of the interviews I went to I was told that the company doesn't 'usually' hire women, because we have '...
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Dollar value changing fast and salary doesn't change

US dollar is changing very fast in my country now. I'm working for a foreign company and I get a very satisfactory salary. But my consideration is as the US dollar is fluctuating rapidly, should I ...
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HR wants to push my start date by a month

Today I got a phone call from HR of my new (future) workplace. I have already got my appointment letter from that company. It stated that my joining date as 1st of coming month. But today they called ...
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