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Should I accept this fraudulent job? [closed]

I work as a subcontractor for a major company for $22/hr. Minimal benefits, no PTO of any kind, etc. I just got contacted for an interview w/a different sub-contractor at $30/hr for clearly the exact ...
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I think my client is holding my work out to be his own [closed]

I think one of my clients (let's call him Stan) is actually doing client work for someone else (let's call him Fred) (who I thought was their business partner), and holding my work out to be their own ...
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Should I suggest moonlighting to my company's subcontractor?

I work at a company that had subcontracted another company for engineering work. I have been in direct communication with various levels of management and technical staff of the subcontracted company, ...
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Can I ask for a job with a company and its subcontractor?

I connected with a guy on LinkedIn in an industry I'd like to work for. His LI profile shows that he has two "current jobs": one as a self-employed consultant and another at a firm in the ...
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Have anybody ever feel unmotivated working outsource? [closed]

Currently I am working as a subcontractor for this IT company. For the previous period, the work was shared fairly between all the team (outsource and in house employees) depended on team members' ...
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As a subcontractor, how to negotiate to get paid in a reasonable time?

I work as a subcontractor for a contractor. My contract is up for renewal. There is a term I would like to change. The term states that me getting paid is contingent on him getting paid. I don't think ...
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Sharing financial details (mainly quotes provided to clients) with other or prospective clients

I'm a self-employed web developer. A little while ago, I made an agreement with a local graphic designer to whom I will provide subcontracted web development services for their clients as needed. ...
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Which company name to write when signing in as a subcontractor?

I'll soon have my first day with my new client and I'm a subcontractor. I don't expect to have an employee badge the first day so I guess I should sign in as any visitor at the front desk (unless ...
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Should a staff canteen allow using their cutlery without buying food? [closed]

I work for a large British bank. As of Monday, staff are no longer allowed to use the cutlery in our canteen unless they are buying food. Loss was the cited reason - around 20,000 pieces a year. The ...
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Found my employer published a job offer for my position

Context I'm a software engineer of above 10 years of experience. I've been working as engineer for a large industrial company A for more than five years. However, my contract is through a small local ...
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How do I ask for help/teamwork on tedious tasks that don't require speciality knowledge?

I've been hired as a Statistician for biotech company and at first it was fun because I learned how to apply coding to solve new problems and I used my research skills to shed light on topics. More ...
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If I accept job offer from client, would it make it awkward with coworkers from current contractor? [closed]

I was recently offered a position with a client that I contract for. They said they would match my salary and give me their benefits, which are presumably better since they are government-ish. The job ...
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Being Hired as a Vendor or Contractor, how do you put it on your resume?

I did an internship/co-op at a company, and then I went back to my home university. From there, I continued to work with them on the project and they hired me as a Vendor to be able to get a badge and ...
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Working subcontracted by someone else

I'm a Web developer and I have the following situation. I was looking for a job 4 months ago. A friend approached me and subcontracted me for a job offer that he had, so I can do the job and we can ...
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Employer says contract was not renewed. Is there a way to confirm this?

I work for a government contractor in the DC area. I was blindsided recently when my PM informed me that the prime on our contract had declined to renew my company's contract and that the contract is ...
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I have been hired as a consultant for a great job but until my security clearance is resolved I am being paid to do nothing

I have been hired for a great consulting job, but until my security clearance is resolved I am being paid to do nothing. The agency that hired me are aware that it will take another 2 weeks (at least)...
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Why do big companies hire subcontractors through staffing agencies?

I'm curious why so many big companies in the United States hire so many people through the staffing agencies as non-employees? It would be understandable if they do it for real short-term projects, ...
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What do I do if two companies approach me about the same subcontract

I have working relationships with two larger companies. They do deals with other companies, then they pass the work over to me, and I fulfil it as a transparent representative. The client doesn't know ...
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