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How to interpret a "Thank you for all your hard work" statement before actual completion of work?

When your supervisor or team lead says, thank you for all your hard work towards the end of the project , but the project has not concluded and some work still pending, are they being sarcastic or ...
115 votes
10 answers

A peer "gives" me tasks in public and makes it look like I work for him

Summary: I have a manager "Alan". "Bob" is not my manager but during meetings he often gives me tasks and talks about his participation in my work. I feel uncomfortable but my ...
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2 answers

What to do when supervisor doesn't follow the time schedule?

I currently work in a company with ~10 people. My supervisor is also one of the business owners. My job description is related to product management, where I have to prepare tech specifications, ...
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11 answers

How do you deal with a boss who assigns you work but wants you to learn the technologies in your personal time?

Boss assigned a friend of mine some task which requires learning several different technologies. He's asked him to make progress on the project during office hours and learn the actual technologies in ...
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Questions regarding job application, supervisor's name, and may we contact question

I am an international applicant based in Europe, and I am going to apply for a teaching position at a US university. In the online application we are required to upload documents such as CV, cover ...
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2 answers

Responding to Pressure to be more Productive

So I'm having an issue with my supervisor with whom I have been working, as a naval architect, for 6 months now. He expects work to be delivered at a certain pace which I find difficult to do. This is ...
5 votes
1 answer

How to respond to my supervisor when they say my work is poor quality, without providing any evidence of that?

This question is somehow related to my previous one or even could be considered as a continuation of that. As I described in my previous question, I'm hired for my current position in a university in ...
12 votes
4 answers

How can I deal with a supervisor that constantly blames the previous manager that hired me initially?

I work in a university in the US. I was hired by a person that left last year for a better position somewhere else. My previous manager invited me to join him in his new position and have a role equal ...
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6 answers

New Thinking Behaviours?

I started a new job as a trainee auditor and so far I’m enjoying it. I’ve not made any major mistakes but one thing that is clear to me is that I have to change the way I think about the job. I’m sort ...
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