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Part-time consultant & permanent employment - notification of work

I have permanent employment where I don't work at 100% capacity and I do my own consulting on the side for the rest of the time. I've got a waiver signed with the current employer from working on ...
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Giving an employee their work PC and phone after termination

Situation is: I am owner and CEO of a company. We are terminating a young employee. I wish him no ill will but he has been non-performant for several months and had some personality conflicts with ...
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In for a promotion from individual contributor to team lead, what counter-arguments can I put forth for better conditions?

Our department is expanding and I was encouraged to apply for a new team lead position, which I was hinted as the primary (perhaps even the sole?) candidate for. We have had an informal interview ...
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How common is it to start a full-time job in Sweden before completing your Master's in a different country?

I'm currently doing my Master's in the Netherlands, and interviewed with a company from Sweden for a role that is very much aligned with my previous experience, my degree and my skills. I applied, and ...
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Is it appropriate to ask for a raise in Sweden?

I joined the mid-sized IT (500-1000 employees) company located in Stockholm, Sweden over a year ago. When the yearly salary reviews happened earlier this year I was missed (because supposedly there is ...
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How to approach a potential switch from consultant to employee?

I have been working as a technical consultant (software/IT in Sweden) at company "Firm". My current assignment for the last 18 months has been at company "Client". I get along great with colleagues/...
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What does permanent full-time position mean in Sweden?

What does permanent full-time position mean in Sweden? Does that mean it is a lifetime guaranty for the whole working life period? Or such a work is rare in Europe?
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Bullying boss launched a smear campaign and made me unemployable

My boss has a history of bullying multiple people in the past to work crazy hours to meet absolutely unrealistic deadlines which have led to numerous cases of serious depression and even one (...
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"Keep 75% of your hourly cost"

I went to an interview with a software consulting firm, and found out from their website that they offer the possibility of the employee keeping 65-75% (grows with years of employment) of the cost to ...
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