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Questions tagged [switzerland]

Questions about the workplace that may specifically relate to cultures, customs, or laws in Switzerland.

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How to network for senior level jobs?

I have a senior role in my company where I supervise a small team. I decided to look for opportunities in other companies where there are more possibilities for career development. I also decided to ...
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Why would employee be paid less than contractor?

I am currently working as an external contractor in a technology company in Switzerland with a role of software test engineer. The current employment is hourly-based with a very competitive salary, ...
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Employer asks to be ready for potential weekend work

Question: Can I ask for compensation for reserving my weekend for potential weekend work? This seems to be a gray zone, since this is not a on-call duty given that I know the day before I have to work ...
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Job hunting while ongoing first project

So, I have been working at a company for 13 months and I really want to finish the project I'm working on. It's really just a good way to increase my experience and to prove my competences. And I'm ...
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Should I tell my prospective employer that I drafted my own reference letter?

In Austria, Germany and Switzerland, your employer is obliged by law to write you (the employee) a reference letter ("Arbeitszeugnis" in German) when you leave. In some cases you can even ...
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When should I tell the recruiter my wife is pregnant?

I have recently received an offer for a job at a large company in Lausanne, Switzerland and my wife and I are expecting a child about a month after the proposed start date. I haven't told the ...
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Is it considered polite in Switzerland to send a follow up email if I didn't hear from the potential employer?

I've done an online job interview on Aug 27 for a job in the medical field in Switzerland. I think I did a good impression and the interviewers told me they would update me in a month or so. I've ...
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When is it 'too soon' to ask for a high raise? [duplicate]

TLDR: I think I deserve a big raise for my skills, but I've only been in this company since 1.5 years ago. Background I studied to become a mecatronic engineer. After 5 years in a first company, I ...
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How to document work experience in a country without testimonials?

Some Background: I would like to help a cousin of mine. Originally she was living in Switzerland, then she moved to Scotland and was living and working there for about 10 years. Now she is returning ...
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Swiss recruiter wants me to send him a copy of my ID - is this a thing?

I recently got approached by a recruiter in Switzerland, proposing to put me forward for a role he's recruiting for one of his clients. The recruitment agency looks genuine, and so does the final ...
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Is it acceptable to ask about the grade-level details of the position during the interviews?

Some companies (if not most) have internal grading system, based on which they define salary range. I am not sure if this is standardized at industry or country level, or whether there is a different ...
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Should I display my BSc when I have an MSc in a different field?

I have a bachelor's degree in aerospace engineering and a master's in forestry (specializing in remote sensing). When applying for jobs, should I write my name as Lukas Schreiber, BSc, MSc or as Lukas ...
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Is it helpful if the future former employer is very profitable when looking for a new job

A former, more experienced colleague, told me this after he quit because of a new job. Our smallish employer(< 50 employees, legally it is a GmbH, something like an LLC) is very chaotic and ...
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Employer asking private questions (real estate, family, ...)

Is it normal for HR to ask an employee (without a valid business reason) if they expect reduced flexibility at work due to family plans or plans to purchase a property? Is it advisable to docuemnt ...
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Is it normal for an EU contractors to be put on the recruitment company's payroll instead of the end customer's?

I have recently started receiving calls from recruiters in Switzerland, so I am not overly familiar with the recruitment processes and practices in that particular country and this might be absolutely ...
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Are employers allowed to exchange salary information?

When applying for a new job in Switzerland it seems common practice that employers asks for references and talk to the former employer. But besides information regarding my working ethos, etc. are ...
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Should I talk to a colleague who seems to be suddenly annoyed with me?

I'm in a four person team that is comprised by me, my sister and 2 other guys. One of the two other team members seems to be pissed off about something and I am not sure if I need to address it or ...
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Company promises specific job but changed start time [closed]

My girlfriend received an offer from a Big-4 company in Switzerland in September 2018 for a job starting in October 2019. They told her that they will send the contract later since there is still time....
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Doing independent contracting during vacation time [closed]

I've had my first full-time job for almost 3 months when I got an opportunity to teach a 2-week course for another company on a technology that my current company is about to start using next year. ...
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What is there to gain or lose by 'cooperating' with a recruiting agency as a developer

I encounter a common pattern of interaction with recruiters - a condensed version: R: Our client is seeking a developer with experience in tech X in BTown. Can we schedule a phone call? Me: I no ...
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Are there any illegal job interview questions in Switzerland?

When looking for a position in Switzerland, it is very common to get questions related to gender, nationality, age and others that I believe would be illegal in United States. I have even been sharply ...
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Employer wants me to write down "I accept the termination" on my termination paper

This question basically builds up on this question My employer wants me to write down "I confirm having received the termination and I accept it" on my termination paper. As I'm not happy at all ...
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Reference Check and Job Offer [closed]

I have a job offer and they want to check a reference which I don't want to give. Should I refuse to give it? I told them at the beginning that I could though. How would someone typically handle a ...
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Working in Germany in IT without the language [duplicate]

I've been considering moving to Germany (or the Swiss) for quite some time. I've been studying and now working in the UK for a while as a developer, and am Originally from Easter EU. My question is: ...
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Found my cover letter to a private company online

I applied to private company in Switzerland few years ago and I wasn't selected. No big deal. Problem is that I recently found my cover letter online at some careers website. This was simply by ...
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Why do job listings specify M//F in the title?

I often see M/F in the description of software developer jobs, e.g. in countries like Germany, France, and Switzerland. I assume that m/f means "male or female". I'm wondering: Why specify ...
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Asked to join board

The company I am applying for has 25 employees and is lead by the heads of marketing, personell, project management, and development. I am offered the position of a CTO (head of development). My ...
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I matched the job description perfectly, my application was declined, but the job opening was renewed. What to do?

I applied to a job offer and got a phone interview, where I was being appropriate, polite and the guy told me he had a positive impression. Nevertheless, they declined me (without even having a face-...
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Accepting offer that requires a work visa: should I decline other offers?

I have received and will be accepting an offer for a position in Switzerland that requires me getting a work visa (the employer is helping with this). While there's never been a case of someone in my ...
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How to address a professional contact made a year ago?

I need to send an email to a contact I've made a year ago while traveling. I've met this person by popping up on the company and asking if "someone could talk to me." I have interest in working for ...
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