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Questions tagged [tech-support]

For questions pertaining to the tech-support industry, which offers services and assistance to users of technology products, usually computers and mobile phones.

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How can a newbie product support engineer make themselves more valuable to potential recruiters?

Out of college, I had just 1 job for 1 Year. Discount the probation period(training period), I've only 6 months of experience. My current salary is around 250$ per month. I was applying with ...
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On Call Payments

We have just been asked to do on call at my workplace (voluntary) from 1800-0800 M-F and 24hrs on weekends. With a 'carrot' of £300 per week. They aren't however paying us for any time spent if we're ...
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How can the L2 support team gain knowledge about the product? - Scrum framework

This may vary from company to company. but in general, how is this done? Or, how should this be done? This question is somewhat related to this and this. But not the same. We have 5 dev teams and a ...
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Suggestions for Improving IT Department Responsiveness

Our IT department is somewhat notorious for being rather unresponsive. A lot of our company works remotely now, so it's generally easier to ignore emails and chat messages requesting support. I ...
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How should I push back against people arguing that they don't need to help me? [closed]

I work in an office. I'm in a new hire set of 4 cubicles that they put near the kitchen. The other 3 cubes are empty, no one sits near me. The IT setup is that we use a desktop computer with a ...
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Training went longer than expected due to equipment not working. Should I invoice the extra time? [closed]

I work as a contractor. The client provided me with specialized equipment. There was a training video conference call. In it, there were 2 instructors and about 3 or 4 other students. During the ...
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IT Quality Check Responsibilty

We have an IT department that deploys code and applications for the finance department such as automatically updating inventory in a website from our erp system. We usually find that the code deployed ...
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11 answers

Is it normal to have so much red tape in reporting bugs?

My workplace adopted some software several months ago, at the outbreak of COVID-19, to help us conduct our work remotely. The software has been extremely buggy, to the point of slowing down our ...
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How to deal with a coworker who keeps turning up the heat over things beyond my control?

I'm the most senior of two software developers at my (small) company and we have a desktop support guy as well. Sometimes the desktop support guy will defer issues to me that he thinks aren't computer ...
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How to ask a busy volunteer to response to an urgent task?

TLDR A volunteer who is in charged in an important role is so busy to have time to work on an urgent task. I understand that I cannot apply professional deadline and expectation, but given the ...
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3 answers

Getting back in the IT field with only 5 years experience and a 2 years gap?

I've worked for a company in the media industry as an IT support while I was in CIT college and due to some circumstances I dropped out of college but kept on working there for 5 years. I've gained a ...
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3 answers

Provide 2nd line tech support without disrupting sprint

We have two teams: a customer support one and a development team - and they're both very small (1-5 people) Every now and then customers may raise issues that are too technical for the customer ...
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8 answers

Handing off (to another team) support processes - how to communicate that not everything can be part of a "checklist"?

Summary: I'm a developer, and currently also do support for the stuff I develop. Due to organisational reasons I'm being asked to hand off the 'support' function to a dedicated support team, but they ...
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7 answers

Coworkers bypass the support ticket system and call me directly for help

I'm a System Administrator in a web solutions company. We're a company of about 50-70 people in Developer, Marketing, and Control Project teams. Because of my type of job, I'm getting 30+ phone calls ...
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6 answers

How to encourage a Support Team to own live issues?

Development Teams, scrum teams thrive then they have a fixed scope and can limit the amount of unplanned work which creeps in and disrupts their sprints. An issues I've come across a couple of times ...
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Laptop turned in to IT support has a document with staff member's name. Is it ethical for the staff member to read it?

I'm one of the two team members who work in IT support at my company. I recently had a laptop turned in for hard drive replacement. While copying the files to the new drive, I noticed a document named ...
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