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What do companies look for in candidates during a virtual whiteboard technical interview round?

I am due to appear in my first "whiteboard" interview round ever (most of my prior interviews have been direct Q&A with one or more team members). It is going to be on a problem that is ...
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Is such a feedback fair enough?

I applied for a middle C++ developer position and was invited for a coding interview. At first interview, I solved both (relatively simple) problems and answered all questions regarding the language. ...
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Is it appropriate to ask what programming language will be used at an interview?

I am applying for an internship at a technology company, and one of the steps in the hiring process is a pair programming interview. Is it appropriate to ask what language we will use ahead of time? I'...
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IT Certification to cover basic IT skills [closed]

Which well known IT certifications will cover the following (or get close to it)? We need to extend our recruitment process with a technical assessment of the candidate, and would like to pass them on ...
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Technical coding interview with no distractions

With LeetCode questions, I am able to solve up to medium/hard questions relatively easily (less than 30 minutes). I walk away from the computer and think it through, usually with a whiteboard or ...
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Is a technical interview the place for questions about culture, work life balance, etc?

As the title says, should I ask non-technical questions during a technical interview? There are a number of things I want to know about the position and the company (how do you handle overtime? am I ...
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What should I tell an interviewer about my weaknesses when applying for a data science / machine learning engineer role?

What should I tell an interviewer about my weaknesses when applying for a data science / machine learning engineer role? According to the general recommendations, one should tell real weaknesses, but ...
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Best way to answer interview question about "getting stuck"?

I recently had an interview for a senior software developer position. One question was along the lines of, "if you're working on something and you get stuck, what do you do?" I've been asked ...
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Following up after underperformance in an interview relative to knowledge

I recently had a second interview with a firm for a highly technical position. This involved deep knowledge of some concepts I got a masters degree in, and I specifically list all classes I took on my ...
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how to determine in interview if candidate will be of help with "On the side" programming projects

In my company I am a Mechanical Engineer, but I take on a lot of programming projects on the side for my department and have created several tools that have helped save us a lot of time and headaches. ...
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What kind of questions can be asked for a Embedded Software Engineering job interview? [closed]

Firstly, I am a newbie on this site. If there is anything wrong with my post I would appreciate any feedback. I have looked at previous questions, but I could not see a related one. I just graduated ...
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How to handle a long deliberate delay of a second job interview?

If a company confirms that you have entered the second interview soon after the initial interview, but refuses to give you a confirmed date & time for the next interview, which is delayed for a ...
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What is a high percentage way to prepare for a 30 minute data structures and algorithms interview at a startup?

The first half of the one hour interview will be a data structures / algorithms type problem and second half will be debugging a real problem in an iOS codebase. Since my comfort zone is with the ...
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Is it worth mentioning I came out of hospital the day before an interview?

So... went to the hospital yesterday for an update on an ongoing issue. I presumed, based on phone calls and letters that it would just be an update to the x-ray I had last week. However, that wasn't ...
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Risky to ask about tech stack and responsibilities before software internship interview?

I'll be having my first HackerRank virtual interview ever with Foursquare in a few weeks. This is for a software engineering internship. I wasn't very confident of the resume I sent and the invitation ...
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Remote technical interviews: how to whiteboard without the actual whiteboard?

Thinking back to some of my best interviews - both how I performed as a candidate, an interviewer, or the individuals involved on both sides - I always find the white-board process as a central piece ...
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