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Questions tagged [termination]

For questions about termination of employment, typically for cause (firing). Contrast with layoff and quitting.

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I was indirectly fired due to false accusations [closed]

I was wrongly accused of theft, by my collegue and close friend (she allowed me to use something of hers). I was fired from my job and not given a chance to explain myself, and prove myself innocent. ...
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How to disclose previous job being terminated without cause (because of high level security clearance)

I worked for 4 months at my previous job, which I loved. It required a high security clearance that came in stages. I passed the first two and on the third check, concerns came to light and I was last ...
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Should I apologize for something after being fired? [closed]

I have been working for small company of 24 software developers + the two founder/owners. A lot of my co-workers have been with the company for 10+ years, but there are also some with less years and ...
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Termination of contract during notice period [closed]

I am on my notice period and I have a workplace injury that has not allowed me to go into work. I’m in the UK and now my employer wants to terminate the contract because I’m going to my home country ...
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facing pressure to resign in the government, what should I do? [closed]

I have been under a lot of pressure in the past few weeks, I understand that I am being pushed to resign. We can say that I didn't match my manager's management style, I am overqualified for the job ...
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Layoffs- "Bonus" to cover cost of stock options?

Scenario: Small US based software startup company with employees that are paid below market wages and receive stock options, with what used to be a caring culture. The company recently had layoffs due ...
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Firing a contractor while she has family issues (which are not impacting her performance)?

I'm a supervisor in a big company in Europe. One of my team members is a contractor, and unfortunately she is not performing well. After giving her a bit more than 1 year to get up to speed and learn ...
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Does the Term “Release” Carry Positive or Negative Connotations in Employment Termination?

In a workplace communication, if a external contractor is described as being “released” on a specified date with the option for an earlier release, and a change order is to be issued to document this ...
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Effects of being fired from a co-op on future employability

My friend is a grad student at an US institution studying Computer Science. During the internship season, they got an opportunity to work at a mid-sized company in the cyber-security domain. ...
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Terminating an employee with a bus factor of 1

Firstly, we recognize the situation we've put ourselves into. Allowing one employee to hold us hostage was a problem that sneaked up over several years. We've since been pushing for everyone to better ...
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Fired due to change in/limited availability (returning to school)?

I live in California and in I was hired at a restaurant in August 2023. During the interview, I submitted availability for Thursday- Saturday. I was hired. 2 months in, my availability changed to ...
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How to network with former colleagues after being terminated

I was terminated without cause from a job that I didn't really like. I found the workplace to be toxic with internal politics. Nevertheless there were some people, in other departments, that I worked ...
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Being asked to sign a release form after being terminated

I had a job where the probation period was 6 months. I was terminated just after 4 months. There were never any issues brought to my attention and nothing that went terribly wrong. The only ...
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Laid off from work but the undeserving one was not. Fight for it?

My friend recently experienced a layoff at his workplace due to the company's projected revenue shortfall for the year. He's questioning whether this decision was fair, especially given that he ...
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How can I best explain in a interview that my contract was terminated?

My goal is to get another job as soon as possible. Some months ago I was hired by an US company as a remote worker (I am not an US person, I am not an US resident). I signed a consulting agreement. I ...
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How should I decide whether to quit or stick around to potentially get terminated?

I have been put on a PIP and was originally planning to quit, however a friend told me that I would be not eligible to file for unemployment benefits if I quit voluntarily. This ordinarily would not ...
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I just failed PIP, should I ask for management to terminate my employment? [closed]

Today (June 19th) is my last day of my Performance Improvement Plan (PIP) and I know I failed it because my boss told me I am not passing. As of right now, I have not receive a notice termination. I ...
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Can I be fired?

I overheard my boss and manager saying very rude things about another coworker and saying if they didn’t show they would be fired. Now, this person’s family member is VERY bad off and I let them know ...
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May get terminated because a retail store I had been fired from wouldn't let me in

I had worked at a retail store. I was terminated without cause. Since then the manager changed to someone else I had worked with and upper management has stayed the same. I am now working for a ...
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What to do to rescue a software project when the only ex‑remote community manager goes rogue? [closed]

We trusted someone working under a pseudonym to manage our social medias. After 8 months he asked for a rise of over $30,000 in order to continue : for this reason and other minor ones, we let him go ...
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Should I confront the owner of the business (he hired me) about my supervisor lying about my performance and subsequently firing me? [closed]

I was hired as office manager for a kitchen & bath design company. During the interview, I was very candid about what experience I had, as well as what I didn't know about the position, i.e. the ...
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Can I be let go for sharing an employer's Facebook post?

So my job was threatened in Tennessee for reposting a facebook post my employer posted about us hiring for some positions. I posted it and a former employee put 😂 emoji and they threatened my job. ...
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Is my boss trying to make me resign?

I'm a VP (technical) at a fairly well known company in its field. I've been there for about 2-1/2 years now. I've had good performance appraisals, and most recently (December) was rated "4 - ...
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What should I do about a bully at work? [closed]

In my work, there is a person that disturbs me really harshly: he always bumps into my shoulder on purpose, he always curses me when he sees me, he always does from distance moves like he is punching ...
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Are employers allowed to fire at will yet employees are bound by long notice periods?

A few months back a family member was terminated without cause at a company that has dental clinics in Illinois. However, the contract had stated she had to provide 60 day notice. There was no mention ...
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Why is getting fired or laid off such a big deal for employees in the West?

I come from a developing country, and there's one thing I can't understand about Westerners: why is getting fired or laid off such a big deal for many of them? My impression is that many Westerners ...
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Why would an at-will employer lay people off instead of just firing them when the second option would save them money?

My question is provocative because I have often wondered why would companies lay some folks off when they could seemingly save so much more money by firing them? I understand if it was a big reduction ...
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Contract says joining bonus to be returned if contractor quits within a year. Is 1 year the only value they see? [closed]

Update: This question was closed as "asking legal advice". I'm not asking for legal advice. I'm asking about the mentality/objective companies have in mind when doing such things. When a ...
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Junior engineer initiating counselling sessions to offer unsolicited advice to senior employees

I am a senior individual (i.e. hiring and firing power) in a large tech company. The job is stressful, though we actually pay well, which makes this place attractive to younger engineers. One team ...
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Working with someone I terminated at a previous company

I recently started a new job at company X and found out that a person I terminated at company Y is working there. They have since become a manager which means we are equals on the company org chart. I ...
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Dealing with manager that has high turnover but great reviews from departing engineers

I've been tasked with finding a way to work with a very unique manager in my division. He's an especially gifted individual (i.e. can learn a new programming language or tech stack over the weekend, ...
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Discipline for excessive alcohol use outside of the workplace

Hi can an employee be written up for drinking outside of the workplace after hours, but with some colleagues? In this scenario, the employee was out of town visiting the home office. He was invited ...
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Should a person console a coworker if he/she was fired?

What is the etiquette if a coworker on your team was fired for poor performance and you are friends? Should you refrain from saying anything to the former coworker for some time?
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Convincing my boss not to fire me

I've learned today that my boss is trying to replace me. From the echoes I got, I learned that he wants to do this because of an under-performance issue, my performance was not on point this year due ...
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How can I accurately and truthfully present my experience in Software Engineering on my Resume?

I believe I've gotten mostly inappropriate roles for my level of expertise throughout my software career. I judge this in hindsight by most corporate or startup developer roles I've had ending before ...
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Fired from software engineer role at FAANG for poor performance: What to put on Resume? [closed]

UPDATE: I refocused this question to honor the answers that those contributors like Flater put a lot of of effort into. However, I tried not to materially change too much as that can make reading the ...
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How to answer HR question, "Why did I leave my latest company after 7 years"?

I worked as a software engineer in a big internet company for 7 years in total. For the first 6 years, I had been working at the department of desktop applications. I really loved working there. ...
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Is "preemptive severance" the same as being fired?

I read a recent article about someone quitting their job at Netflix. One part of the article confused me: I spent two weeks after the performance review thinking about my next steps and decided to ...
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Destafffed but we like you

My boss called me today to tell me the project I am working on is being destaffed. For me, it's good news, somehow. Last month, there were changes about this project (change of BU and managers etc.). ...
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How to communicate that someone is no longer employed at the company?

At my company, when someone leaves on their own or after being let go, an all-staff email is sent out along the lines of "Al is no longer employed by Company. See Bob for any work that you would ...
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Firing one engineer in a very small team who passed a non-running github project off as a finished prototype

So this is not my real account. Sorry about that. I run a startup where all fulltime employees also have an equity stake (with vesting and a 1 year cliff). One of the engineers we (I) brought on board ...
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How do you point out that a person is incompetent without exposing yourself to the risk of being sued? [closed]

How do you point out that a person is incompetent without exposing yourself to the risk of being sued? Let's say that your engineering lead is really terrible, and can't coach (has a really poor ...
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Leadership refuses to extend the contract [closed]

I work in a company that employs people all around the world (remotely). Since it does not have bases in particular countries, their employees are essentially contractors that renegotiate the ...
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Checklist for leaving an (IT) job

Edit: Thanks for the answers clarifying for which things I am not responsible, I am still looking for more detail on how to avoid inconvenience on my side as generally mentioned in one of the answers. ...
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Should I tell my boss that the company is looking for his replacement?

there's one position between my level and top-level management. The position was open for a while, resulting in a mess, then we found somebody for it. Now I stumbled over a job advertisement by my ...
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I made a mistake last week and am trying to not get fired. I need help

Context: I made a mistake last week and sent the wrong data (including other manufacturers' data) to them due to a copy & paste error in Excel. Yes, the sensitive data shouldn't be sent using a ...
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I should have been fired, my boss is sorry that I didn't get much bonus

Last month went really bad. I had a serious problem with my family, this significantly decreased my performance at workplace. My boss says, he is so sorry that I didn't get much bonus. However, I am ...
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What would the "correct" way be to fire 900 people at once? [closed]

In the news, last days and their CEO have received a lot of criticism for firing 900 people (10% of their staff) at once over a video call. Immediately after the meeting, the fired ...
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Got fired because someone slipped and was injured (in public) on something I was alleged to have been carrying

I was hired to do a simple, short term job. I was handing out flyers (aka brochure) to promote a new online store in busy public areas. The other day my manager told me there "had been an ...
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How to address companies that have notorious turnover rates in an interview?

I've recently gotten an interview in software with a company who notoriously has the highest turnover rate in the career field. The reason the company is notorious for this is because they have a ...
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