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4 answers

How to protect my direct report being unfairly blamed by a colleague from a different team?

This situation is happening in Thailand and I and my team are also Thai (Chinese born here). I am a backend engineering manager. Under me is a frontend dev, Mr. FrontEnd, and a backend dev. For some ...
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1 answer

The photo copier might be making my colleague sick

In my office they are 19 people including me. My IT manager normally comes to office late and leaves at night. Today I spot one thing that might be a problem, the photo copier. I like to sit at his ...
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Can an employer terminate a contract prior to the start date? [closed]

I signed a teaching assistant contract a month before the starting date and did processing government employment requirement with expenses. Two weeks before start of work, employer said to discontinue ...
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Last month with company. Company using my profile to bidding a government project

I am new to this topic. Therefore I don't know what are the best tags for my question. If I ask in the wrong stack exchange site please let me know. I will move it immediately. Background: I am a ...
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Company uses my junior subordinate to de-value my position and contribution

This is a company ran by young CEOs, in Thailand. I am Chinese 3rd generation in Thailand. My background were mostly western since the elementary school, university and first software house I worked ...
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