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Given time off then it was taken back although the company voluntarily give us the time off

I work at an international medical facility in VA for a sub contractor business. During Christmas, the facility shuts down from about the 21st of December until about the 3rd of January. When the ...
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Should I be worried about the time I reply to a request for interview?

At around 4 pm Monday, a company I applied to almost a month ago suddenly replied that they would like to interview me on Thursday. However, I am in a class and busy doing homework throughout that day ...
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I’ve had a phone call to say I’ve got job but still waiting on contract etc

I interviewed last Tues and called on Thurs to say I’ve got job. It’s now a week and no contract and details etc.. I told them I needed to give notice. How long before I start chasing??
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Is it worth it to push back about time reporting deadline?

I work as a subcontractor for a company; Really almost all employees at this org are contractors through one of a handful of subcontracting firms. A while ago, there was a bit of an organizational ...
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