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For situations involving working with coworkers, vendors, or customers across multiple timezones.

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How can I explain why I'm using just audio in video conferencing, without revealing the real reason? [closed]

My new company is headquartered in Japan, but I'm in an overseas office. Occasionally I must attend Microsoft Teams meetings in wee small hours. My selfish superiors know I'm in a different time zone, ...
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How can I maintain cooperation while declining meetings scheduled past my local bed time?

The project manager has asked me to have an every-other-week, one-on-one check-in with an international colleague in another time zone. The meeting time has been slotted for 9:45PM-11PM my time. My ...
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How to communicate to my boss that I will quit if they do not grant me a more flexible schedule?

In my company we all work remotely. We are located in different time zones. There is however, one of the time zones where most of the people are located (not all). I am not in that time zone. Other ...
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How to communicate conveniently to my company I would like to work partially asynchronously?

Context In the company we all work remotely. There is no physical office. People are physically distributed over 3 continents right now. Let's say A, B, C. Most of the people are sitting in continent ...
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Dealing with co-workers who don't understand timezones

I work for a small startup that builds software used by people in different timezones. In recent months the company has been trying to improve issues related to timezones, but they are not investing ...
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Is it professional to leave a meeting early if attendees are late and it runs over work hours?

I don't mind staying late to get something done in a fire drill, or to meet deadlines, but if there's a meeting that runs over the working hours that you've communicated to your co-workers (in a ...
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Dealing with non-communicative offshore teams

I am finding it very difficult to deal with offshore team at my current company. They often don't respond to emails and/or instant messages regarding work-related issues. If they do respond, it takes ...
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