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Seeking Guidance on Managing Workplace Dynamics - Narcisitic employee [closed]

I hired a team member two years ago in offshore, who, unfortunately, exhibits traits associated with covert narcissism. In my team we are only TWO people , me and narcistic. The workplace has become ...
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Losing time due to my boss being consistently late

Hospital pharmacy hours as per contract are 7:30-2:30. Pharmacist arrives 15-35 mins late daily. I cannot clock in until the pharmacist is there as I’m just a technician and cannot legally work ...
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Bad culture and management [closed]

How to deal with a boss that is brutal one minute, chewing you out for everything, saying you are quiet and then in the afternoon acting as sweet as pie. When it happened, I stuck up for myself, which ...
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Is it worth making amends with a toxic ex-manager?

I had a very toxic and narcissistic "manager" in my past role. He joined as a senior although other people including me had more experience than him; and soon after, due to lack of enough ...
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Cultural fit interview went pretty badly. They want me to re-do it for another team, worth it?

I've been interviewing with a large HR company, valued at more than 10 billion USD. I use their product, I really like it, and I think working for such a big player could look good on my resume. I ...
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Senior coworker took offense at a joke; now despises me

I am quite new to the job market. I usually come across as an (maybe too much) upbeat and friendly, yet hardworking person. About a month ago I joined a local consultancy-like company and quickly ...
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Manager wants me to attend work at a different area for remote work (far away)

I work 3 days with my team, and 2 days a week at a far away campus (think an hour and a half) my work is fully remote, I'm a data analyst for a large school with 5 campuses. I'm being paid the lower ...
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internee evaluation

Does bad internee evaluation have any effect on your future jobs? i did my first internship of 4 weeks and my supervisor was on his sick leave for 1st week. then for 2nd week he showed me the bare ...
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How to face jealous and biased co-workers

The co-workers with me (we are a new department in a university and hence have only a few workers anyway) are kind of showing a jealousy attitude and trying to corner me. They even pass hints at me ...
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Toxic coworker or am I being too sensitive?

Context: I work in tech which is very male dominated. I work for a large company with >1000 employees A newish (<1 year) colleague, straight out of university, is behaving in an aggressively ...
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Do I need to apologise when I was expected to do something that wasn’t instructed to me?

My job requires me to do physical assessments which will be used by practitioners to conduct a review during consultations. The normal practice would be that assessments done on the first day, a ...
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Manager on maternity leave is giving orders

I have taken the manager role for a colleague in maternity leave. She is still involved in the company, requests to be consulted on day-to-day operations, filled-in on employee arguments, and gives ...
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Dealing with a toxic mentor

The company I work for has a mandatory mentoring program. Every employee is mentored by his line manager. I have meetings with my mentor every two to three weeks. The idea is to talk about areas I ...
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Toxic workplace environment and my role

I am working in an organization managed by military officers for last 4.5 years. The organization was started around 6 years ago. I sit in a large hall with 14 more engineers. When I initially joined, ...
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How to have a productive discussion with skip about my toxic manager?

Manager (M) of 15 years at Company got promoted the day I started about a year ago. Had I interviewed with M, I would have never taken this job. M is unashamedly curt, abrasive, impatient, and ...
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Leaving because of a coworker - professional way to explain (or not) reasons?

I am a software developer planning to leave my current job in December, unless something significant changes. This is entirely because of a single coworker within a small team, whom I think is harming ...
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Revengeful employer as a reference for a new job

I worked for four years in a company where the "BOSS" was a vengeful kid. Please don't ask me why I'm working for a guy like this. Sometimes we need a job. The employer has proven himself as ...
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How to convince my boss that we are not responsible for every issue at the company?

My boss is a very nice person in general, but she has a problem with saying no. She accepts all tickets that have the name of our product as ours, no matter if they are really for us, or not. It's a ...
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How do you protect yourself against blackmail when you're about to leave a company? [closed]

How do you protect yourself against blackmail when you're about to leave a company? I had a mental breakdown, because this guy has been harassing me and insulting me for 15 months and management didn'...
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Organization Q&A functionality turning toxic

I lead the tools organization for my company. Because I am a big fan of the Stack Overflow format, I decided to enable a similar feature in our company's Confluence pages called Confluence Questions. ...
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Is it normal for a junior SE to be doing this amount of work?

I work for a startup which was acquired by a much larger company. My official job title is "Software Engineer" (SE) and I am a junior. I have been working at this company for three years. We ...
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