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How to successfully transition from an engineering tech lead role to a director/strategic role

I recently joined a new company, a fintech startup, as a data engineering manager. My previous experience was in tech lead roles. As I led engineering teams multiple times, I don't think I lack ...
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How to increase my prospects in the current market as a new PhD grad trying to transition into data science/ML?

I am a few months short of completing my Physics PhD. My thesis work has mostly been on mathematical/physical modeling of biological systems, combined with simulations (i.e., no use of ML). However, I ...
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Being transitioned to a new role because company hired a new senior level position, should I be worried?

I've been working for company X for 1.5 years. I started as a corporate finance manager and previous to that I was an analyst. The company is growing and recently added a new VP corporate finance. I ...
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Should I discuss with manager before resigning?

I am planning to resign from my current job. This is going to be my first resignation so I am not sure how to go about it. In my current job I have 90 days notice period with option for buyback of ...
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Mass resignation (including boss), boss's boss asks for handover of work, boss asks not to. What to do?

I am in a really awkward situation. I work in a small subsidiary company whose parent company is overseas. The parent company is in Singapore and owns our company here in Vietnam. We are completely ...
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How to approach fee clawback?

My new employer has agreed to pay for my fees (tuitions only) owing to the old company once I end my contract with them for a maximum amount of 10k, but it turns out I only owe 2k. However I also have ...
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Quit within 3 months of Joining

I worked for an MNC till about 3 months back. I was offered a position in a local company with a higher position / marginally higher salary and was recruited for a high profile Project. I joined this ...
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Transitioning Jobs

I am currently working at HSBC and getting paid quite a hefty sum for the level of qualifications I possess. However due to the global corona virus incident, I am in the verge of taking unpaid leave ...
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How do Smart Businesses Transform to "Work From Home" [closed]

Heres a smart businesses approach on transforming its customer success team to working remotely. What are your thoughts on it? Are these enough steps taken. Do you think it can be as productive. Share ...
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Manager postponed my internal transition date

I work at a large company and it is a great company to work, great perks and benefits. However, I have a terrible manager for a few months ago, he is arrogant, knows everything attitude, makes fun of ...
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How can I change company specific job and get into skilled job? [closed]

I completed my Masters of Computer Applications in 2014. I got selected into manufacturing multinational corporation ( Non-IT) with good salary (3.12 Lakhs, 312,000 rupees, per year) from college ...
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How to test drive full time jobs when working full time

How would I go about trying something different (for example, a full time job at Organization B) while working full time at a job with Company A? This question addresses the interview part, and I have ...
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What differences do people notice about career changers Vs 'native' CS/softw engr pros in terms of abilities related to work? [closed]

I would like to start a career in CS/software engineering; my background is in math and finance.
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When to give notice if leaving complex role to begin grad school? [duplicate]

I've had a job for a few years now but want to leave it to begin graduate studies. When's best to give notice? I don't think the traditional wisdom of "2 weeks notice" makes sense in this case because ...
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Transition from almost 6 years of QA to Software Development [closed]

My journey into the IT industry is no different than many. I have learnt my part of Quality assurance and testing, but somehow my interests align more with constructing software than testing them. I ...
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Transition strategy from full time job to freelancing

I have been working full time employed since my university in different IT roles for almost 5 years. After I had to do a lot with freelancer developers, I realized that IT freelancers, no matter if ...
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How should I go about getting away from working under incompetent manager?

To summarize, I started at a company I interned with (at will state, US), new manager turned out to be comically bad. Not sure how to get out of the situation. I have recently started full time at a ...
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Missed my transition from software engineer to product owner/manager internally, how to succeed while applying outside? [closed]

I spent a good two years in an interesting startup company adventure, where I designed, developed and maintained a couple software projects entirely on my own. The area covered software engineering, ...
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How to transition to a new job after a failed short stay at a company?

I am a software developer (With approximately 6 years of professional experience), and have been at my current job for 3 months after being made redundant (along with my entire Business division) from ...
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Former Manager still giving me tasks

I'm working as an offshore Senior ERP Developer with a BPO Company and have a Onshore Manager ("MM"). I have some issues working with MM, and to name a few examples: I feel he doesn't want ...
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3 answers

How to request project reassignment when handpicked for current position?

I am a software developer at my company. I have worked for 3 projects and have had success. As a consequence, my skills and leadership acumen have been inflated and passed up the chain of command. I ...
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Moving to a different contract within the same contractor?

I've been working on the same contract for the past two years. The client is starting to shift their mission and objectives, and I believe that my skills could be better applied elsewhere--so, I began ...
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Fired for rumors I was looking for another job [USA] [closed]

So I was recently terminated (fired, officially on paper as laid off) from employment. Friday I was talking about the need to hire someone to manage a system we had no one officially to manage. I was ...
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How to transition to a non-academic job after completing a PhD? [closed]

I'm going to start my PhD soon, however I don't wish to linger on in academia, as finding career stability is difficult. I wish to move on to a non-academic career post PhD, but have zero idea how to ...
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How do I make a C# heavy resume / cv look attractive to a Java recruiter? [closed]

I have a strong C#, Microsoft stack background but, for whatever reason, in my area there are significantly more Java jobs going and I am quite interested in switching technology and applying for ...
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Transitioning from Contract to Full-time, pay issue

Recently I moved from being contracted to full-time at my company. In transition, however, some internal paperwork got messed up and I was listed as having two start dates. 12/12 and 12/19. The ...
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How far out is too far for a start date? [closed]

So I am currently employed at an Information Technology/ Help Desk internship through my school's work study program, and in order to make my transition out as smooth as possible, my boss has asked me ...
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How can I ask to switch teams?

The company I'm working for is restructuring and new teams has been built. Now after I received information to which team I will belong, I feel there is another team, where my skills will be more in ...
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Transitioning to a new position

My company has two offices, one on the East Coast and one on the West Coast. I recently decided to move to the West Coast city, for personal reasons. I am moving in four months. Each office has ...
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Very Sr. Mainframe Programmer, now w. 5 yrs Java/Spring, to market myself? [closed]

I've been straddling Mainframe and Java Stack for 5 years now (with 25 years experience in mainframe before that), but the Java side has been self-learning pretty well in a vacuum (3 people training ...
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Fixing my Resume

I'm currently fixing my resume just make it ready for the near future opportunities. Here's my situation: The company I'm working in will be merging with another company, so this means that the ...
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How can one best handle an employee resisting a technology change?

I am an IT Manager for a mid-sized company. At our corporate office, we are switching from Outlook/Exchange to a cloud email platform that offers more than just plain Outlook could provide. Some of ...
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Signed a non-binding contract with current department, but was approached by another department I'm more interested in within the same company

So here's the situation: About to graduate and an intern at this major company, and I've been working for Department A since January. They've taught me a lot and bent over backwards for me, but I ...
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Transgender in the UK, should I use my female name on my CV even when it refers to male accomplishments?

Background: I am a MtF transgender person starting transition in the UK. Part of the process involves moving from living part of my life male and part female to living full time female, including ...
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How to resign when I will be leaving in 2 weeks when working on-site with a client?

I work for a consulting company so they send me to different companies (clients). Currently, I am on a client (Only couple of weeks since I started), the client is super nice and takes me out for ...
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