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Questions tagged [turkey]

Questions about the workplace that may specifically relate to cultures, customs, or laws in Turkey.

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I applied to a job at a tech retail store and how should I ask someone working there out for a coffee so I can learn how the job is like?

I freshly moved to a new city in Eastern Turkey with my family after living my life in the İzmir and passed my CV to a tech retail store which I end up passing by everyday since it's opposite to the ...
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How do I deal with too many people moving in my field of vision since movement grabs my attention and disrupts my work?

My desk is right near the entrance and the kitchen in a big office floor (140+ people) with lots of foot traffic. My other colleagues don't seem to mind this. We do not have cubicles and when people ...
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How to answer "Don't you think this position requires less than your skills?" [duplicate]

My recently graduated sibling had an interview this morning. Apparently she has been asked the titular question during the interview. She answered it like "No worries, since I will be continuing my ...
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My manager wont increase my salary as promised [closed]

I live in Turkey. I am a software engineer with 4 years experience. I joined my company about 1.5 year ago. My manager and I talked about my salary which was very low he offered me at first. He ...
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Changing main programming language/lane due to lack of job [closed]

I'm a junior developer. So far i've been trying to work and stacking up knowledge based on C# used platforms (os, cross platform, game dev, n-tier arch, design patterns, frameworks...). And i'm ...
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reference or references for resumé

I'm preparing my resumé but I'm stuck on a point. I'll write a reference and as far as I see usually there is a references title in most resumés then details. But, I have just one reference. What ...
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Bringing a gift on my first visit to a foreign employer's office

I just had a job offer from a foreign company and I'm going to visit their office next week. Now it's customary in our culture to bring a gift or roughly translated, 'a souvenir' when you visit ...
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How can I deal with a very lazy co-worker? [closed]

I'm working as a software developer at a startup in Istanbul/Turkey where there are only 2 full-time developers (including me) and 3 part-time staff (tester, developer, ux designer). Yesterday I had ...
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Discontinued Master's Degree on resume

I've been working as a software engineer at a government organization for ten years since graduation. Now I am looking for a new job and i need to work on my resume. There is one minor detail i am not ...
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