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Questions tagged [uae]

UAE is "United Arab Emirates". If the work setting of your question is in the UAE or specific to the UAE e.g. labor law or work practices and customs, use this tag.

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What are the long-term benefits/consequences of leaving an average, comfortable job in France for a high-paying job in UAE?

My profile: I am French, single, I graduated from an engineering school in 2016, worked as Computer Vision engineer for two years, and did a PhD in AI (in a very large R&D company) which I ...
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How to get passport back from employer without losing job?

I am a Pakistani citizen working in a company located in the UAE. When the company provided me a visa they kept my passport. Now I want to apply for a study visa and to go for an interview I need a ...
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Is a scanned copy of a passport necessary for an offer in the UAE? [closed]

Recently my friend got an offer in UAE, for release an offer letter consultancy is asking passport copy. Is it necessary to send scan'd copy of a passport for getting offer letter. And how to accept/...
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Is it possible to resign immediately after getting a raise in UAE? [closed]

I keep resigning from my company because of salary delays and financial problems of the company. I was in my notice period. The management said that the company condition will improve and in 2 months ...
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How can I prove mental harassment due to mind games and too much manipulation? [closed]

I am working in a Startup Company of 10 members. While working for the last 2 years, I observed that my manager and some of teammates are doing lots of manipulation and mind games get a lot of ...
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Received a job offer but no contract yet. is it wise to go to work before signing the contract

Joining a new firm. Where i am now (UAE) the common practice for employment is as follows you submit for job post if they think they want you they interview you if you pass then they will send you ...
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