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Fired due to change in/limited availability (returning to school)?

I live in California and in I was hired at a restaurant in August 2023. During the interview, I submitted availability for Thursday- Saturday. I was hired. 2 months in, my availability changed to ...
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How should I decide whether to quit or stick around to potentially get terminated?

I have been put on a PIP and was originally planning to quit, however a friend told me that I would be not eligible to file for unemployment benefits if I quit voluntarily. This ordinarily would not ...
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Got let go with 2 weeks notice being asked to share ideas and strategies for company [closed]

I just got let go from the company, was withheld discretionary bonus, not given a reason I was let go. Yet I'm being asked to share project details and strategies I've been working on in two meetings ...
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France: What Happens to unemployment benefits if I decide to personally stop my probation period, start a new position that doesn't work out either?

I'm actually in my probation period in company A. I didn't like that work and it's not interesting for me. So I decided to leave after 4 months. In that case I wont be getting any unemployment ...
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What would my job location be for remote work on an unemployment form? [closed]

I am filling out a form for the New York State Department of Labor to apply for unemployment benefits after my work ended with a recruiter. One of the questions asks about my work location. If ...
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