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Clothing/body discrimination

My boss asked me to wear a size bigger in my scrubs because I looked too "sexy" and it's not to their liking in the work place. I have a professional scrubs uniform. I can't help that I have ...
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Can my employer force me to wear clothing that's too big?

I recently got a new job cleaning a clothes store and my manager gave me a polo shirt that's a size ‘small’ but it comes to my knees and is way too big. I could fit three of me in the polo shirt. I ...
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Would it be acceptable like if you don't want to wear a t-shirt for a team video shoot in a large organization for some reasons? [closed]

The full details, if you want to read, are written under this question In short, due to privacy reasons, possible reactions by people who know me, my lifestyle, my background, my shape and my ...
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Can a catering assistant be required to wear a skirt as part of a company-supplied uniform?

I've worked in my catering job for 11 years. We were tuped over to our present employer 5 years ago. We wear a uniform of trousers (provided by ourselves), polo shirt and apron provided by them for ...
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Can my employer make me wear a jumper? [closed]

My manager says we are getting jumpers that we have to wear while the shops is open. Can they make me even if I'm hot?
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Company asking us to share clothes - what to do?

My job currently is making all cashiers share a vest which meaning everyone is wearing it without being washed. Which is completely unsanitary. Is there anything against that saying they can't make us ...
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Uniform policy only for male employees

In my company there is a uniform policy only for male employees, whereas female employees are there and not wearing uniforms. How can I convince my boss to implement a uniform policy for all employees,...
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Can my employer force me to wear a used uniform?

I work for a company in the United Kingdom, and they can't provide me with a brand new uniform, as they ran out of stock. They gave me a used (washed) uniform to wear for the time being. Someone else ...
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How can I tell my boss the required uniform makes me personally uncomfortable?

I am a 17 year old boy. I have been working at a privately owned hotel in Cornwall, England for a month as a general assistant, mainly doing admin work. I really love the job and have fitted in well. ...
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