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Questions tagged [unprofessional-behavior]

Questions relating to questions unbecoming and / or inappropriate in a professional work environment. Dishonesty, harassment, and discrimination are examples, among many other behaviors.

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Can I talk to my rubber duck at work?

I have noticed I have had great success using another co-worker as a metaphorical rubber duck (sometimes intentionally, sometimes unintentionally). It improves my productivity vastly. However, I know ...
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How to handle interns' unprofessional behavior?

I am a software developer in a small company (a few dozen employees). We have a summer internship going on. The interns are college students with no professional experience and with rather basic ...
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12 answers

Is it inappropriate to help an employee outside of work?

I have been known to be a compassionate person. Sometimes it overflows into my work. I'm a regular manager at a restaurant (nothing too important, just running shifts, blah blah blah), who has mostly ...
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How do I prevent colleagues from making fun of the length of my password?

At work, we were required to choose login passwords on our first day. I choose a long and complex (mixed with numbers and symbols) password, it's easy for me to remember, but hard for anyone standing ...
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190 votes
14 answers

What to do after I signed a blank sheet of paper given to me by my manager?

I work as a teacher in a kindergarten for almost two years now. Last week, my manager called me to sign a warning letter about a small issue that is not my fault and not part of my job description. I ...
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Is it ethical to use knowledge in main job for side gig?

Suppose I have a main job (Monday to Friday, 9am to 5pm) that involves lots of computer programming, and one day I build a recommender system for my company (think of making recommendations)...
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15 answers

How can I deal with troublesome Professional Engineer?

I currently manage a team of quite a few engineers in Canada. Things normally run smoothly, but we've had a serious problem with a senior engineer as of late. This engineer is the sole engineer on ...
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14 answers

How do I deal with an autistic employee who criticizes teammates publicly and doesn't understand the harm in doing so?

I have a very autistic person in my team who quite often criticizes his teammates in public emails, causing lots of complaints. We are in a Nordic country and it is not very common to fire people ...
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12 answers

How to negotiate salary with an extremely unprofessional in-house recruiter?

I'm interviewing at a certain programming job. I've passed everything, the people doing the interview say they really like my skills and want me to join the team, everything's looking great, the ...
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9 answers

Why would HR think it's inappropriate that I visited a coworker in the hospital?

I just got out of a meeting with my supervisor and a member of our HR department, giving me a "formal warning" for engaging in inappropriate conduct by visiting a coworker in the hospital. HR told me ...
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11 answers

Dealing with a racist work environment

I am currently working in a very small startup (5 people, located in Europe) where the CEO and the other employees have quite “extreme” thoughts. Every day they spend literally hours talking about ...
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6 answers

Fired because I was wrongfully accused but now I can prove it

I was wrongfully accused of stealing by my now ex-employer. I had previously posted onto this site about how to manage the accusation, but unfortunately, they swiftly moved to fire me within 2 days of ...
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21 answers

How to handle colleagues who are unwilling to write a bug report?

I'm working as a software developer at a small-ish company (~50 employees). My main project is a mobile app. I have most of my colleagues on the alpha test channel and customers do not have access to ...
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9 answers

Supervisor commenting on appearance. Inappropriate?

I work for a big company and am fairly new. I'm on my third or fourth week and was transferred to a new (bigger) dept where it's all men. I am the only woman. I'm also fairly young at 25 years old. ...
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Prospective employer asking for my current pay slip during interview

I recently did an interview (location is the EU) for a smallish IT consulting firm. They have been quite insistent in asking salary, benefits and contract type of my current job. In the end, the HR ...
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137 votes
11 answers

I fear I am being set up to be fired by my direct manager. How to save my job?

I've received nothing but praise for months since I started working as a developer at this company. I've introduced a few changes (scrum, Slack, peer review) that upper management loves. Suddenly, ...
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How to objectively counter "You are the first one to complain about that."?

I've been facing this situation for some time where our office's management keep choosing the cheapest option whenever they have to pay for anything related to our work environment or company travels. ...
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How to react to hostile behavior from a senior developer?

I started working at Dec 2018, currently, there is only me and the senior developer and we sit next to each other. He comes to work really early and leaves early. When I started working I noticed ...
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How do I tell an executive that I am an engineer not an admin

I am a young female engineer fresh out of school. I am a few months into a new job at a company that is less than 100 employees. My company has very few women, most of which are on the admin team. ...
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13 answers

When (if ever) is it considered professional to yell in the workplace?

I've noticed this trend in my workplace where more and more people yell at each other, especially managers and executives to regular employees (who don't yell back). Personally, it's making me ...
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12 answers

What to say instead of "calm down" if you see the other person getting angry during the discussion?

Assumptions: Conversation is verbal. We will be talking face to face. In a heated argument, people can't be expected to stop talking automatically. They may continue to talk to prove their point. In ...
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112 votes
10 answers

(Would be) teammate called me privately to tell me he does not wish to work with me

I've never faced anything of this sort before. I interviewed at this firm for a position, for which I was rejected, but after the interview the manager requested if he could hold on to my resume for ...
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111 votes
14 answers

Is it acceptable to quit in the middle of a project, when I am the only team member?

The backstory: I am a paid intern who did OK initially, and so was handed a fairly major project and was given free reign over it. The project is now over half way done. The client thus far has been ...
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15 answers

Accused of racism for refusing to name room after foreign name that sounds like an offensive phrase

We recently moved into a new office building, and I was put in charge of coordinating a lot of the new office logistics. One of the things I needed to do was to come up with new names for our ...
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Is it rude to eat/drink in front of a colleague who is fasting during Ramadan?

I often feel hungry and have snacks at my desk. Today, I realized that Ramadan has begun and my colleague who sits beside me is fasting. So I quietly kept my snacks back. I felt it might seem rude and ...
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9 answers

Should I apologize for being indifferent?

A few days ago I was called for a spontaneous one on one meeting with my highest tier boss. I had only spoken to him once during my time working there. I perceive him as a very friendly person. As he ...
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109 votes
12 answers

IT manager giving false information to management about the possibility of remote work

My local government has requested that non-essential businesses either close or move to remote working if possible for the next two weeks. My company of around 100 people could do this, as everyone's ...
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16 answers

My co-worker is secretly taking pictures of me

I started working at my first real job (not student work) in autumn of last year. In my job there are mostly male employees. I am a (like I want to believe, good looking) female – age 25. We have two ...
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8 answers

I cry easily when confronted or chastised. How will this affect my professional career?

It sounds silly, but I've always been quick to tears. I underwent therapy to try to fix it, but really I never saw any improvement. Recently, I was speaking with my HR manager about some personal ...
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7 answers

Finding balance between freedom and productivity

Preface: I am working in a company where most of the employees are in their early 20s. We have a very open culture and office. This is great to have a very friendly and low-stress working environment. ...
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12 answers

New supposedly experienced software developer disrupting my existing work in volunteer organisation

Update: this situation is solved Read how it all ended at the bottom of the post. Background I am a graduating Software Engineering student, working as a backend application developer. About a ...
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13 answers

How can I feel less intimidated by younger colleagues?

I work as a game developer. I work mostly on visual novels, fighters, shooters and arcade games. Each year the workplace is more and more dominated by younger folks and fewer and fewer seniors. I ...
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97 votes
11 answers

I'm leaving a toxic work environment, my boss won't stop pressuring me to stay. How should I handle this?

I work at a small company - there are fewer than 5 employees and my boss is actually the president and owner. I put my two weeks notice in yesterday. I made this decision as my work environment has ...
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10 answers

How to force disgruntled worker not to publicly disclose "GPLed code"

I'm currently the only HR worker at a medium sized engineering firm in Canada. There should normally be 2 additionally HR workers on-staff more senior than me, but one is on parental leave and the ...
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9 answers

Should I report this workplace thievery?

For the last 6 months, some of my coworkers and I have noticed our tools have been missing out of our locked lockers. These are expensive construction tools that are our livelihood. I hid a motion ...
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7 answers

Potential client has a problematic employee I can't work with

Background: I'm newly hired in a consulting company (IT), and recently I've met with a client where my employer would like me to go to work. I had an interview and met the team. The problem is that ...
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12 answers

My employer (client) wants me to work in “ghost” mode [closed]

Here's the context: I'm a freelance software architect/developer and have started working for a known company 3 weeks ago, for at least one year. They recruited me because they completely failed ...
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9 answers

How to fix a weird relationship at work

I got hired around 6 months ago. But I started to have a difficult relationship with my mentor from the first weeks. He got interested in me and tried to get close to me and I rejected him for two ...
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87 votes
8 answers

How to respond to people who overuse punctuation marks?

We all had that one email that contained a phrase similar to these examples: Where are my files?????????? Or: I am not sure this is a good idea!!!!!!!!! I normally want to point out one of the ...
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86 votes
3 answers

How to protect junior staff from abuse by shady employer

I've been working at a startup for about 18 months now. I used to report to the key engineer for my division, but he left a couple months after I started. It's to my understanding that he worked crazy ...
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9 answers

Handling interview with manipulative colleague from past job

At my new company, I've done well for myself, but one of the engineers from my last company (a senior one that was buddy-buddy with the CEO of Miserable Company Inc.) is applying to my current company....
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15 answers

Offensive language/behavior from co-worker in online game

I am a fresh-out-of-college student and a huge gamer. I recently got a job towards the end of this summer and met my team, which consists of a number of people who are in their late 50s. As I am a ...
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13 answers

Should I interview someone who ditched an interview before?

A year ago I was working for a start-up (in tech) and was supposed to interview this guy (X) at 10 in the morning over Skype. He did not come online that day and HR could not get in touch with him ...
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8 answers

Xenophobic email sent by a senior colleague. What's an appropriate reaction?

A friend of mine has been written off sick and her absence has prompted a senior colleague (not her boss, but someone significantly more senior than she is) to send her the following very bizarre ...
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77 votes
10 answers

Future boss placed me in a business meeting under a pretense before my start date, then was disappointed I didn't meet his expectations

Background I'm an architect and very outgoing, but got tired of the same old same old with architecture firms. I picked up a new Architectural Sales job in Brooklyn and I will be transfering over ...
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18 answers

Asking about eating policy during interview

TL;DR: I want to work in a company with a strict no-eating-in-office policy. How can I ask about it during an interview? Background: Western Europe, software engineering, ~2 years experience. I have ...
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74 votes
10 answers

As a Brit working in America, how can I get my American colleagues to stop mocking my accent/spelling?

I am not a person of colour and I do not pretend to understand the struggle of those who endure racial discrimination, prejudice and persecution based on their race or ethnic background. However, ...
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Extremely rude follow-up email from CEO [closed]

I work as a researcher for a startup company. We are into research and I report to my CTO. The company consists of a handful people. I required three letters from my CEO and emailed him three weeks ...
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5 answers

Forced by client to remove security feature, now client blames me for data theft

During last months the project manager (PM) from a client requested many times to remove some security features we put on their web portal to “ease our day-by-day operativity” (their own words). ...
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Is it unethical/unprofessional to keep a record of quotes from my colleague's outbursts?

My colleague is a 64 year old guy who is very verbal when working. He often shouts out slander towards his computer and also an ex-employee. Even though these outbursts are incredibly unprofessional I ...
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