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A process which company benefits (equity, stock options, company 401k match, etc) become fully owned by the employee.

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Equity vesting with unpaid hours

I've been doing freelance work for a start-up, but now instead I have been offered 1% equity into the start-up for the role of an advisor. The vesting schedule is 48 months. The expectation is for me ...
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How is the vesting schedule compensation “deduced” from the salary during negotiation?

Context: North-America work culture. I make up the numbers because there are not important here. I am negotiating my salary with Bob. The company offers a vesting schedule of 3 years, 1 year cliff. I ...
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Vesting terminology/terms for salary negotiation (how much is my vesting REALLY worth?) [closed]

I'm in late stage negotiations with a new employer (current employer suddenly started going downhill, despite being a Fortune 500 company; abusive, rescinding benefits, cancelling bonuses, etc. Rather ...
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Expected to perform extended travel on last year before vested in pension

I have worked for the same company for a little over 9 years. I have to make it to the 10 year mark to be vested in their pension plan. If I don't make it to year 10, I get absolutely nothing. I have ...
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What does a company gain by allowing an unusually early full 401k vesting?

My friend recently started a position at a high tech manufacturing company. The company offers full vesting of the retirement fund after just 2 years of working with the company. The standard is ...
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How much equity should I be asking for when sacrificing salary? [closed]

I'm trying to evaluate a job offer at a startup. I'm going to use some theoretical figures here. I asked for $12k pay and was offered $10k pay and $2k equity. There is a 1 year cliff period, and 3 ...
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How do I say "I need company stock, or I'm getting a new job"?

I'm somewhere between the 7th and 9th employee. I've been at my position for almost a year. There was supposed to be a vesting plan released in January 2014, at the time of this writing it is late ...
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How does vesting in equity generally work?

When I joined a start-up 8 months ago, I was offered a 2.5% equity along with a fixed remuneration. I trusted the founder and didn't bother to ask for equity docs. After 6 months, there were some ...
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