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W2 - a United States federal tax form issued by employers and stating how much an employee was paid in a year

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How would an employer base converting a 1099 Commission-Only earner to a W2 Salary without risking loss?

I want to pay only commissions based on performance, but many applicants ask about a base salary, and I don't want to risk losing money if they don't make at least what I'm paying them. Is there any ...
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What to do if previous employer is stating they only give electronic W2’s but I didn’t sign up for it?

I worked for a restaurant last year it ended pretty badly. I didn’t ask or ever want an electric w2. We are well past the last day i should have received it in the mail. I emailed the company and was ...
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Incorrect paystub dates for payment received a year later

Some background: I worked few early months of 2020 for my now-former employer. Because of the pandemic, everything was closed down by the late March. I never received my paycheck (and the paystub) for ...
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Employer states they can withhold your W-2

My new employer states in the employee handbook that any outstanding debt must be paid before they will release your W-2 form, which is required in the United States when filing your taxes. Is this ...
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Full time W2 to 1099 contractor

I am a full time employee and am considering switching to consulting and doing contracts for different clients. I am being offered a contract position at a rate that's higher than my current salary, ...
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Why does it seem like companies are biased against Corp-to-Corp (C2C) contractors?

I am in Maryland, USA, and have worked as a consultant for close to two decades. Switching to C2C seems to be difficult and yet so many other companies are doing it. I don’t understand what I am ...
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Is my employer paying me fairly? Going from 1099 to W2

I've been working as a 1099 employee for about 2.5 years on a side gig for $20/hr and now the company has to switch me to W2 at the same $20/hr rate. Shouldn't there be about a 20% change between ...
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How to get W2 answer from unresponsive institution?

I work for the City of New York (CUNY), and I've held the same position for about 15 years. This year for the first time, a standard line on my W2 was missing. I inquired to my college HR about why ...
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6 answers

Could one person hold more than one W-2 jobs from two different employers?

I've constantly heard people having multiple jobs at the same time, Given flexible working hours and workplace from both employers, is it OK for one person to have two full-time W-2 jobs at the same ...
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Can 1099 contractor receive per diem and car allowance? [closed]

As a W2 worker for a US company, my monthly pay was divided into 3 quantities: $X in salary, $Y in per diem, and $Z in car allowance. The benefit was that I would only pay tax on the salary, so my ...
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Former employer sent my W2 to a third party. What are my rights? [closed]

I received a letter today from my former employer. I haven't worked for them for more than 2 years. They discovered recently that an undisclosed number of W2s were sent to a third party. I'm being ...
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Employer has postponed my start date with very short notice, without pay. What action should I take? [closed]

I got an offer to work as a contractor (W2) at a major social network company in the SF Bay Area. The person from the 3rd party agency (the one I will be officially getting my paychecks from) has been ...
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Former employer did not send me the W-2 and is ignoring my emails. What to do?

I live in the US and I left previous employer on bad terms. It was a small startup company (~4 employees, a manager and a CEO). For those not familiar with the W-2 form, it is the total income ...
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My former employer is withholding my w2 in exchange for supposed damage fees, what do I do?

My former employer, at a hotel my husband and I worked at, is refusing to mail me my W2 because he claims that my husband owes him damage fees for the room we stayed in there. However, when we left ...
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Received faxed copy of W2 instead of orginal document? [closed]

I was let go from my job in December (they are outsourcing and bosses are retiring soon I think). For 7 years while working there I received an original copy of my W2. A week after January 31st, I ...
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Awkward falling out with cofounder, what to do for W2? [closed]

I started a company with a friend from college after we were done with school. We had a huge adventure for about a year, building out a couple of products and taking in venture financing. I went from ...
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Is there a rule of thumb for calculation of 1099 rate from existing salary + benefits?

In the US most salaried positions come with benefits, such as health and dental insurance, etc, etc. Is there a rule of thumb that converts salary + benefits to an hourly rate for a 1099? Obviously, ...
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